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@razl, do you think they will ship internationally?
Out of curiosity,how many unfunded liabilities do members here currently have right now?I have around 30 pieces (mostly vintage stuff) and i add at least 1 every quarter of the year.
Whats the width of the blue kiton?
Same issue.I wear UK7.5 Rain and UK8 Uetam and UK7 Detroit (suede chukkas).What size should i get for Robert (oxfords) and Forest (tasseled loafers) and Alcudia (single monks)
PM sent
Does ET have any discount code available now?
Gentleman,any advice for Antonio's chisel last if I wear a UK7.5 for the Rain last (slight heel slippage) and UK7.5F for MH71 G&G?
@ericgereghty, the standard 9cm and 8.5 cm
I currently exclusively wear knit ties; I have RLPL, Tom Ford and those from Lanvin.   Does anyone have any experience on Dunhill knit ties?They are made in Germany (similar to Hermes) and are from mulberry silk (apparently a high quality silk) 
For sale,some ties that im culling from my closet.Prices exclude shipping;wud be happy to work out some kind of deal if you get all. Sad to see them go but am now wearing mostly knit ties and also grenadines. Am open to trades for equal knit ties. All silk unless mentioned below. Let me know if u have any questions Rubinacci paisley tie - USD50 (very nice navy paisley tie,looks awesome with a grey suit) Borelli paisley tie - UD50 (very luxurious looking tie,gotten...
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