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What about Macy's?
Ok, why H&M out of all the choices? I actually plan on wearing the suit 4-5 each week for work. I'll check out suitsupply as well...
H&M? Zara? Bar III? Alfani Red? preferably a wool suit... I'm 5'8, 125Lbs. Suit will we worn 4-5 days a week for work. My budget is $300 or less.
What stores are similar to Zara, that are fashion-forward, and not so old man looking with the exception of H&M, J.Crew, Topman, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, and The Gap?
Ok so I settled for these Cole Haan Lenox Cap Toe Shoes because the reviews on J&M aren't too good, and I've already owned the Calvin Klein which I'm going to replace with another pair. http://m.macys.com/shop/product/cole-haan-lenox-hill-cap-toe-oxfords?ID=1321860&CategoryID=65
Should I buy these Johnston & Murphy Larsey Cap Toe shoes http://m.macys.com/shop/product/johnston-murphy-larsey-cap-toe-oxfords?ID=589268&CategoryID=65#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D3%26kws%3DLarsey%20Johnston%26slotId%3D1 or these Calvin Klein Carlton Shoes http://m.macys.com/shop/product/calvin-klein-carlton-cap-toe-oxfords?ID=821070&CategoryID=65#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D1%26kws%3DCarlton%20Calvin%26slotId%3D1
I just purchased the trucker denim jacket by Levi, in a size small, my question is when I extend my arms directly forward away from my chest, the the sleeves stop three inches before my wrist, would that make the jacket too small or is that a normal length? If I get a medium, would the length of the sleeves be longer?
Wearing a light denim shirt with black Levi 511s, acceptable or not?
I only own 7 pair of jeans, all of which I'm tired of wearing, and I know they're poor quality and probably not SF approved, especially the Vans: 1. Levi's black 511s 2. Levi dark blue denim 514s 3. Dark Blue Slim fit Vans Jeans 4. Gray Standard fit Vans Jeans 5. A pair of True Religion 6. Another Pair of True Religion I have in the FS section 7. Boot cut Rock Republics (with a horrible fit)     What should I keep, what should I throw away, sell, give...
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