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I'm selling a great Brioni coat on eBay. Take a look!
I'm selling a great pair of brown Lanvin calfskin shoes with gray fabric details.  These shoes are beautiful and are in great condition.  They were worn only twice.  Size 11 (US) 10 (UK).  They were $900 plus new.  They "buy it now" price is $230 with a lower reserve.  Great deal on great shoes.  They will arrive with the original box  and dust bags.    
I'm selling a lightly worn pair of Lanvin calfskin shoes with gray fabric details.  Beautiful shoes.  Size 11 (US).  Labeled 10 (UK)    
not quite sure...but i return things infrequently.  
I'm pretty sure that they won't give it to you if you just call.  Ive only placed about 20-30 orders over the last year, but I've spent quit a bit of money.  However, it's not that exciting.  It seems like they allow to look at the "private rooms" around four times a year. Occasionally you get a special discount with your yooxcode, not often though.  They give you a black superstar card that has your name on it and your yooxcode...but it really serves no purpose b/c your...
If you order a lot from yoox, they give you a "superstar" get access to merchandise before it's available to anyone else as well as a personal yooxcode that you can use for discounts, when offered.  
10% off with VALENTINE from Feb. 4-10.  15% off with personal yooxcode till Feb. 13.  
I'm selling a like-new pair of Lanvin sneakers.  $225 "buy it now" price and low reserve
Only 10 hours left!  I'm selling a great pair of Lanvin sneakers.  Size US 11.
Hi.  I'm selling a like-new pair of Lanvin mid-high sneakers.  They're made of brown calf skin and suede.  They're lined with chocolate brown calf skin.  Low reserve.
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