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Putting together a black-tie outfit based around a midnight velvet jacket.  Thoughts on black calf whole-cuts over patent leather?  How about a hidden-placket on the shirt?  
Your wife is right.  
Looks like a straight 3 button to me.
The Northcote is benchgrade and I believe the leather is waxed leather.  I have a pair, and they're great boots.
I'm pretty sure Benjamin suits come with sufficient allowance for functional cuffs, hence the OP's question.
IST - that's an awesome jacket - details?
I'm 6'2, ~34.5 sleeve length, and have a 38 inch chest, and have a J. Crew sweater in a medium that I think fits fairly well, but could be slightly slimmer and longer.  I think you're probably between medium tall and large tall, but with your preference for snug sweaters, I'd give the medium tall a try.  
Need a suit quick for some upcoming interviews - I'm thinking the Napoli in a 38L will be my best bet, unfortunately, the navy is sold out of this size.     Is the blue too light a color for finance / consulting interviews?   http://www.suitsupply.com/suit-blue-plain-napoli-p3463/P3463,en_US,pd.html?start=6&cgid=Suits&prefn1=style&prefv1=Classic     I could also go with the pinstripe, which is fairly...
Pediwear does have my size in the Northcote actually.  And I'm looking at Pediwear since they take PayPal and I have a bunch of cash burning in my PayPal account.     Do you think the Northcote is too formal to wear with jeans?     Edit: And for the models not in my size, I don't mind waiting the 8-10 weeks, especially if I end up getting boots.  Their prices seem to be the best on the internet too (w/o VAT), as far as I can tell.
Looking at picking up either a pair of loafers or boots from Pediwear.  I'm looking for something versatile that could ideally work with everything from jeans to wool pants. Thus far my collection consists of a brown and black balmorals, and a pair of lighter brown driving shoes, so either loafers or boots seem like the next move.  Foul weather aptitude is a major plus as well.  I bought a pair of the Edgeware off someone hear earlier this year and they are leaving me...
New Posts  All Forums: