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Well, made by measure I think difficult the jackett to be big. Maybe the angle of the photo isn't that good. About the trousers: have you noticed the 2nd picture? Anyway, thanks for the feedback.   cheers   Vic
Thanks for the feedback, YRR   Cheers   Vic
Enjoying the sun in winter days               Details on the PS and the mille rayons shirt (sorry, but I still don´t know how to use warning: spoiler)       Have a nice week end   Vic
Hy guys. it's been a long time since the last I posted here.   Walking Her Highness              
 Hy guys. Long time. no see. Hope to be back for good             Sorry the 2nd picture, not that good....   Vic
Hi guys. Been a while since the last time I posted here. Glad tu see you're all in good shape        
Great suit UC, but above all, a beautiful ensemble of shirt, tie and PS. And the cufflinks going with it.   Cheers   Vic        
Thank for the thumbs up, guYs, and you are right, SB. The sweater should have a deeper v IST66 "Nice coat" Citan1145 "i echo SBs comment but say the sportcoat is smashing and the shoes are such a rich color" sugarbutch "Maybe just me, but a tie with a sweater requires a deeper vee. Nice SC fabric." clarinetplayer "Looking very..."bright"...today! Liking it!"       Weekend at last. Wish it wasn´t so cold:...
...and unbelragazzo   May be you're both right, but the coat is exactly as it was last time I wear it. So I cannot explain what happens. Perhaps the inside pocket wallet and the suspenders that put some volume there, or the v-neck, that was not dressing very well. Well. let's say the next time will be bettet. Thank you both   Cheers   Vic        
RobinHood "outstanding" Holdfast "Very nice; easily one of your best outfits posted here." sugarbutch Threadbearer "Lovely. Not completely sold on the socks, though." Slippybee UrbanComposition FlyingMonkey EFV Citan1145 "that is a beautiful suit. fun ps" upr_crust "Relaxed and elegant, as always,...
New Posts  All Forums: