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  One word: Perfect! Love the tie, a beautiful green! Cheers Vic
Hoping to be last days to use the wool herringbone jacket and flannel trousers!           All from Wesley, except Drake´s tie  and Crocket&Jones Shoes   Cheers   Vic
Hi Dennis!Nice to know you´re coming to Lisbon!. And seems you´re getting good time over here, what is lucky, once this year weather has been weird.The town is not big, so 1 week is enough to visit what you can´t miss. The only thing against pedestrians are the hills of the town, and you may gt tired.  But you always have the beautiful trams that will bring you all over town, and are the best to visit Lisbon. And cheap, (just be aware of some pickpockets downtown)....
Nice shoes:
I like it.Vic
Simple and perfect!P. S. - Nice shoes, but you know? By this days, I almost don't use black shoes.CheersVic
Nice half-broguesVic
Pretty nce look, though the loafers color is too bold for me, but don't you mind. you're young and I use to be too classic 😀CheersVic
I like it. the green of the coat is very pretty, and the cut looks very good. My kind of look.CheersVic
Nicely done. Here, only today the rain stopped, but seems it returns tomorrow. I can´t recognize my Lisbon weather. In the previous years, by this time I already was having weekends at the each. And man, I´m missing my panama hats! Vic
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