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Cheers for all the replies. Those Whites are lovely, still look a little bit on the clunky side though.
Anybody know of a boot like the Iron Rangers quality but not as clunky and a bit more elegant?
Yeah might be worth spending a bit more on some Iron Rangers or something like that but they are quite elegant boots. It's  just a pity they seem more like fashion boots than good utilitarian boots that would last a lifetime.
Anyone know what the quality is like on H by Hudson boots? These Herman in Brown look pretty nice.  
I had the same problem but also the stitching on the front lip of the boot was becoming frayed and letting in a lot of water so I emailed Seavees and they replaced them with this years new season boot which is suppose to be better constructed. The walnut leather they use is beautiful but I think I'll sell them, they are a size us 9, and I'm based in Ireland and I'll let them go for 130 euro if anyones interested pm me.
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