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6'0 and 175. Will prob slim down even more once I start daily morning runs in the upcoming semester.
I went on a ski trip with my coworker and her family the other day. We get stuck in traffic on the way and decide to stop for something to eat. When we're leaving the restaurant, her husband and son go into the bathroom. I sit down and wait, and she is sitting with her other son waiting for them as well. She starts talking about how fun the trip is going to be, and I agree and everything is going fine. I reach into all my different pockets, looking for gloves because it...
New only. PM me if you have them, thanks.
Also willing to trade for size 11's. Condition 9.5/10, only wore them once.
I got some desert boots off the bay at a decent price, but they're size 12 and feel way too big. Usually I'm anywhere between sz 11-12 depending on the shoe, 11.5 seems perfect for boots. Should I use leather insoles or just trade them away for size 11's? I really like the beeswax color and its hard to come across.
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