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bump still available
bump still available
For sale is a pair of GATs, I'd keep them but they're just under a size too small for me. Soles are pristine but the leather does show some wear. Condition is a conservative 8/10, see the pictures. Sizing is UK 9, US 10. Yours for $85 shipped anywhere in the USA.
For sale is a pair of gats, got them a size too small. They're slightly used, condition a conservative 8/10. Soles are pretty pristine but the leather shows some wear. Sizing = (UK 9, US 10) Yours for $85 shipped anywhere in the USA.
Just got these and realized that petit standards would probably fit me better. Never washed or soaked and only worn once. Willing to trade them for petits in a similar size but sized down 1 in the waist. $95 shipped anywhere in the USA.
Thanks for your input...you know I did some more reading and it looks like I should actually go with the petit...I have a pair of uniqlo slim fits in 32x34 that fit great so i guess its the actual cut of the jeans that I don't really like. I will still size down 1-2 in the waist as these are pretty much new and I can't wear them w/o a belt.
Just got my first pair of APC NS. they're tagged 32x34, my true size is 32x32. right now they're about an inch or so too big in the waist and looser than I'd like in the thighs. I'm thinking of giving them a hot soak today, will this be enough to shrink it down or should I just size down/get petit standard instead?
Price dropped to 55+shipping
Price dropped to 45+shipping
    This…I applied to boutiques in LA/SF even though I'm based in NYC. As an update…I followed up on some leads and now I have 2 internships lined up for this summer, one at a tech startup and the other at a boutique PE firm. When its this late in the recruiting cycle smaller companies are the way to go.
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