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first two shirts still available?
still got the blue PB tie?
what up sf.     just started a new job and they're making us wear fancy stuff. hence, if you got brooks bros I want it. menswear or anything of the sort is what i'm looking for...mostly conservative pieces. i've listed sizes below.     suit: 40R shirt: 15" neck / 32-33" sleeve pants: 32" x 32" shoes: sz 11-12 (dress shoes vary wildly in sizing...)     now for more detail...I'm looking specifically for white/blue OCBDs, patterned or solid color....
Good god what happened to this thread. 
how's recruiting going for everyone? I still haven't heard back from anywhere yet, starting to get pretty nervous.
    that'd be the vibram cristy. model #: 4014 on Vibram's official website, but obviously you can snatch them up on other auction sites for much less. comes in natural or white iirc.
perfecto sold, everything else still available. still accepting offers, you know what it is.
jeans have been sold.
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