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We had the same promotion here in the UK when the Westfield Stratford store opened last month - £9.90 denim. Guys, it's a false economy to buy crap like that. The fabric is absolute garbage at that price - I could've got it much cheaper with employee discount but still decided not to. I'd rather use that £10 on something better rather than garbage that I'll have to throw out after a couple days.
Just a heads-up for any Londoners/ people in SE England   Uniqlo Regent St is re-opening tomorrow, and they're gonna have a Happy Machine there until the 15th I think (basically a contraption that 'spits' out certain product ranges at really low prices (I know, it sounds weird and is, go see it). Also, cashmere is on offer for £49.90 (or so I've been told).    
I am so frickin jealous of the 5th Av store. Sure, we have 13 Uniqlos in London but still, that store outdoes any store we have here. The London Flagship is exactly half the size.   Sucks.
I've worked at Uniqlo full time for the last two years, but I only work there during the holidays now (I'm at University away from London) so you can ask me for imformation if you like.   The Premium Wool Flat Front Trousers and Jacket are made from Super 120s wool (we have info signs at the London Flagship where I work that state this). They do feel fine to the touch and quite smooth.   The Tasmanian Wool Flat Front Trousers and Jacket are made from Tasmanian merino:...
I work at the London flagship. Been mad crazy since +J launched
I find Orphea strips to be really effective - you can buy them online.
In my experience, the quality is quite awful. Stitiching is quite messy on a lot of basic lines eg loose threads/missed stitches and Zara t-shirts wash badly, losing their shape at lower wash temperatures.   I don't know where they purchase their low quality cotton from but its on par with H&M in terms of fabric quality and construction; you just pay more for the better design.
Really?   The wool down parka feels like a quality down parka - not sure if you actually felt it. Considering its 90% down and 10% feather thats not bad considering some retailers charge the same for rubbish polyester-filled jackets and gilets.   IMO the down is of superior quality to the offerings in previous seasons, and I've worked at Uniqlo since +J launched.  
The colour is awesome - it's so pricey though.
I've been to events in India many times (I'm British Indian) and I've never seen anyone wear something like that. Most men in India would wear a kurtha in traditional settings or a suit (Nehru suits are still common though.) Traditional Indians don't wear that outfit in the first picture, sorry. Maybe in the past but not anymore.
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