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Snow Crash
Hey, I'm trying to get into Kendrick Lamar, where do I start? There are a ton of his mixtapes available and I want to avoid the bullshit.BTW,Cruel Summer is fine. If you like those previous singles you will enjoy the album.
I disagree. It can definitely be worth it if you are satisfied with the results. Like someone else suggested, find a very good tailor; preferably one with a solid background in denim repair/alterations. Failing that, try either of these guys.
American Apparel
The Weeknd makes great music. I think House of Balloons udun may have been the best albums of 2011.
Best Purchase These Buzz Rickson chinos, Land's End Canvas heritage polos (no longer available) Worst Purchase Various J. Crew, BoO, Tim Hamilton, Micheal Bastion pieces. After years of hype I finally indulged in all these brands, only to be disappointed. Express extra slim fit shirts (was given a $100 Express gift card last Christmas and felt compelled to use it)
Is anyone else annoyed that these very guys are considered the genesis of menswear advice/discussion online?
Not sure how underrated these brands are, but here are some labels not featured often that deserve a look: Buzz Rickson (while heavily overpriced, still worth a look) Reiss (UK) (solid go-to brand) a diciannoveventitre (formerly Augusta Footwear) MG Black Labe (outerwear) Mister Freedom (ocbds, chinos) Nonnative (Japanese outerwear) N. Hoolywood (another Japanese brand with a lot of interesting pieces) Public School (overpriced, a lot of hype, but still...
Currently pursuing a double major in Physics/Structural Engineering w/ a minor in Mathematics Although, I may drop the SE ( and graduate now) and focus on that for my masters. Immediately following my BS, though, I'm off to film school and grad school later.
I don't really understand the purpose of your blog but maybe this will help.
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