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I know lots of resellers are on this thread, I am looking for rigid low straights in 33x34 Feel free to message me if you have any. 
lots of new arrivals on the website:   looks like they are rolling out a new "Seattle Fit" line that is more form fitting and not the "boxy" feel as mentioned in previous posts:
I just went to the outlet this weekend as well. It is what all outlet stores should be like, stocking items that are seconds, returns, and used items. I am not a fan of stores that create lines specifically for outlet stores.    I picked up a medium dufflebag for $177.
I have a question about these as well, do you think they will stretch as much as the raw denim version? 
I've been lurking for quite a while and I figure id share my latest haul of ties!     I've never encountered Versace before, so I'm not sure if its fake or not.   
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