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I thin k itf you're good friends with him it's easy to give advice but it can tricky to give out unsolicited ones.
You should get a nice matching color fabric for your suits and the type of fabric should also depend on factors, such as season, occasion..
Have you tried Uniqlo - or to save on shipping - why don't you just check local retail stores.
a budget of about 1k.
I for one agree with convenience, if something off-the-rack fits you well and you swear by it, why would I want anything else.
My understanding of bespoke tailoring is that it can recreate your favorite styles/designs minus the expensive pricetag. So in that sense, why don't you have it tailored instead.
Long would usually be advised by most retailers.
i personally think a sports coat worn with jeans looks cool. i think the right attitude/personality should be able to pull it off.
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