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I think it looks good overall, right length for you and the style.
Looks a little loose on the shoulders and the jacket length is a bit long.
I simply don't. I'm fussy with my things and second hand shoes are a no-no for me.
  Haha I was wondering what the fiance looks like too.
  Plus really good friends can even suggest some good options for you.
A colleague at work swears by mytailor so I plunged ahead and purchased as well. It can be a little confusing especially if you don't know your exact measurements and I had to call custosmer service a few times just to make sure I'm doing it right but it was worth it. Plus the site allows you to track your orders apart from th hassle of choosing fabrics, etc., I'm pretty happy with my shirts.
and the winner is....dark brown horn
  Looks really good!
  that is crazy i see DB's  all the time it never really went out style.
not too crazy about shiny suits.
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