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I would pick a pinstripe suit in charcoal.
  To me the suit looks good but you could opt for better shoes.
I agree it does not look like  grey suit at all. Anyway, I prefer to wear my grey suit with a light blue shirt.
I like what Tom Ford does with the suits making it stylish but keeping it sharp with great cuts. But I would personally stick with the regular styles rather than with trends.
  Agree. Looks like a size smaller for you and the pockets aren't the standard flaps.
You can always shop online or search their site to find the nearest store in southern california.
It will depend on where you are as I don't think there really is what you call "year round" suits but flannels would be good.
I try to look for a nice soft feel of the blazer with the right structure but not stiff. If not H&M, there's alwaya Gap, or Topman
You don't have to drape yourself in bright yellow from head to toe, you can always incorporate a little bit of color unto the tie for example.
that's better.
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