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Yeah it works, try j.crew or josbank.
I wear brown suede with my jeans.
I'm thinking loafers..
online when I checked there's a semi-annual sale
My spending:   Suit - 600 - 1000 Shoes - 200 - 500 Shirts - 60 - 120 Tie - 50 - 80 Handkerchiefs - 20 - 50
I like mtytailor's site, easy to navigate through.
I've worn it without a jacket on a few occasions, you just have to be confident in carrying yourself, w/ or w/o the jacket.
black buttons work better.
SOmetimes it's just fun to wear one of those vintage digital watches while wearing a suit. Mix things up a bit.
I concur. Image is everything and giving a good and lastng impression by the way someone dresses is important and necessary in the business world.
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