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I wouldn't do that. Wingtips should be worn with dress pants and not your faded or even torn jeans.
Pretty much sums up what you should be doing.
  Don't you just hate it when people discreetly look into their phones during these events.. I'd rather wear a watch.
The way I see it bespoke suits are fully customizable in respect to the individual's body measurements. Pricing may vary because there are variables relative to creating a suit and again it depends on the person's  specifications such as fabric, style, detailing, etc.
The button stance of the suit in the picture is just right, conservative enough for a corporate environment.
I agree, it will look better if worn as an SB sportcoat.
a suit & tie
  That is indeed a beauty.
I wouldn't be surprised if there is one in Bangkok - in the same way that most brands from the US are made in China.
  It should..easy peasy, no need for fancy undershirts.
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