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To me it does look a bit long, better invest in a custom tailored one next time for future use.
Adjust the button stance, bring in the waist a bit, and cut a bit of excess on the hem of the pants.
I have to agree with first having solid suits to build your wardrobe. pinstripes would be most appropriate for business rather than for weddings or parties.
They deliberately made his suits in the film slim fitting and if I'm not mistaken all the suits in the film were made by Tom Ford.
This is a good article on an interview with the movie's costume designer
A light blue tailored shirt and silver grey tie would look quite nice
nay, really not appropriate in, let's say, a board or client meeting..
I feel lost without my watch too. But I'd rather lose the watch sometimes than lose my mobile phone anyday!
These personalities are already rich, on top of that they also get free clothes? Imagine wearing all those free suits everyday..
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