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Indochino seems to be advertising more on slim fitting suits/trousers, I think there's a thread here about them as well might as well look for that while you're here.
The contrast collar can be tricky but maybe use a tie with a brighter hue and not brown.
From this vantage point, the shoulders look a little too wide as well as the sleeves
I see a lot of younger gfolks wear tie and jeans, I believe the knitted ties and chino pants or jeans combination. But older folks such as I am have always worn the suit the way it's supposed to be worn.
A slanted pocket in a suit will probably raise some eyebrows and get second looks.
The link to the suitcart website is not working.
I understand this as a slim fitting suit but the jacket sleeves look short about half an inch.
Prince William's always either seen undressed or underdressed..
  That's my first impression on it too - a bad looking MTM suit. It llooks a size bigger for you and you look dwarfed in it.
Obama and Romney almost wore the same suit - except for the ties.
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