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Bump before the weekend!
Trickers Keswick Size 13 fitting 5 Five months old and rarely worn as I bought 6 pairs of Loakes at about the same time. To be honesti am not a fan of the Trickers I have tried, Keswick and Malton, the lasts do not suit my feet. Priced well as they cost me over $600 to land here from the UK. Bought from the wonderful "Shoe Healer". Happy to send anywhere at cost. I am in Sydney NSW Australia. Thanks Gareth
Thanks Arethusa
I assumed from Charly's email the jackets would e available after the hiatus..... Is this not the case?
Thanks for the reply VLSI I had a response this morning from Charly saying they would return from hiatus soon and as my query was regarding 2x Varsity I took it that they would be available when business resumed? Is this not the case? Thanks
Excuse my ignorance......what is "WvG" ?
taking replies as a firm no then! Thanks
After searching through the TOJ galleries I am finding my obsessive behavior is starting to take over :0) :0( Having not seen one of these products in the flesh I can only comment on the images viewed, however... I have a Ralph Lauren leather that I paid 1500 for and a Lacoste leather that was similar but neither could I say looks as nice as the build and finish of TOJ items. Myself and my wife have both decided on the Varsity although having found out about the hiatus I...
Church's Ryder Crepe 13G $320 Shipped within Australia Pick up Sydney   Sorry to hijack but if anyone is interested I have a pair of brand new in bags and boxes Church's Ryder on Crepe. Delivered to me on Friday along with a pair of Loake Bedale. The Loakes fit beautifully but the Church's are too small by half a size. I have not seen these in Sydney but my advice is that CHurch's shoes cost about $750 here. THese cost 295 Pounds Sterling in the UK. Call if...
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