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I'm feeling mean again.   You look like a fucking chick. That undershirt is God-awful.    
I hate this fucking hipster look.    
Worn 5-6 times. In fantastic condition. Fits like a 48    
Price is non-negotiable. These have been worn around 10 times. Minor blue marks along the edges from denim. These have TONS of life left in them. Pick em up at a good price.     
Yea I'm going to pick them up. Zam is quickly becoming my favorite designer.    
Thinking about these Zam Barrett shorts. What do you guys think?  
Just received this after a long wait and it does not fit me as I intended it too. It is in perfect condition, never worn by me or anyone else. The measurements are as follows. Would be best for a large 48 or 50.     shoulders 17.0" chest...
Come on guys. NEED SOLD
It's too big guys. That picture is a bit misleading. It's way too boxy on me. Contact me if interested. Thanks for the help!
  Add 0.25" to the chest.     shoulders 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.8" midsection 18.5" waist 18.9" body length, front 22.0" body length, back 24.6" sleeve length, from...
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