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Thanks! Standard price for sharkskin is 500.
Petrol blue SS!
Lol, it's funny you both mentioned that.  Jason actually JUST restocked the SS, so I went ahead and placed an order for petrol blue.  Haven't put much thought into the shirt/tie combo to be honest.  I was maybe thinking a light shirt and reddish tie?  What would your suggestions be?
I'm digging the SS fabric in general.  I like the med gray but LOVE the charcoal (bit more sheen than med gray).  Planning on getting it in petrol blue when it becomes available again.  And thanks, I'm glad you said that as I was aiming for a fashion forward look.
Second TaT suit, charcoal sharkskin.  Jason did a great job fixing the shoulder issue from the first suit (pic included as reference).  I think the button could be placed a tad lower and waist suppression might have been too aggressive.  Other than that, looks pretty good.
Here are some shots with a more natural posture.
Yeah, it was self measured.  A lot of it might be how I positioned my arms out.  I'll follow up with a more natural stance.  Let me know if it changes any opinions.
I'm 5'2 with a stocky build.  Shoulder measurement was 16.75". The pants I'm wearing is actually the 2nd remake.  I thought the same thing about the pants and took in the hips and legs by 1/2".  However I found this to be too restrictive, especially when sitting down.  It may just be my thick legs, but it seems to look ok when I'm moving around.
Thanks for the comments. So its pretty much agreed then that the shoulder should be taken in, but by how much? 1/2 inch?
Thanks Wj4. Just ordered this one. What I meant to say was the first of many more to come. Already in the process of ordering another as soon as Jason and I iron some things out. And you're right about my stance. Jason actually had asked me to take another pic with a more natural stance.
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