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This.   This jacket would look fantastic if you pair it with a blue oxford and nice chinos, go brown or black shoes. If semi-formal is the name of the game, this jacket is perfect.  
6, 7, or 10.   Everything else is alright, kinda. 7 looks nice, like you should be sipping scotch in your den, that has shelves of first editions and smells of rich leather, at your mahogany desk.
I'm with Malford. Change the buttons.   Otherwise, the jacket looks pretty good. Otherwise, this jacket is looking very nice. Just make sure the fit is right.
1. Initial Realiziation       A. Browse around reddit.       B. Find fashion infographic.       C. Realize that dressing well takes little effort.   2. Research       A. Look into /fa/, since I'm comfy with 4chan       B. Spend every waking hour on /fa/ for a week, realize that it's not a good place, move here.       C. Take in ideas on how to restart my wardrobe.   3. First Steps       A. Acquire a jacket and coat       B. V-Necks and Darker...
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