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Just released and I thought you guys might want to know  
I hate the numerous pro feminist, man bashing frineds posts like this:  
Just for your info that article is from 2013 - Man of the World magazine - issue 5.
 Yours probably aren't from the SP15 collection then. these shorts are produced every year in different tones and they've changed the fit a little the past few seasons.
  They're not women's. they're the mens Cargo shorts. .
Popover was cancelled after sampling and was changed to full button.   Ecom photographs the samples and if there are changes in production they don't update the pictures which leads to problems.   Product book does inform that it has changed to full button so i don't understand why the website can't also update.
   I'm sorry to have started such a big discussion and perhaps I came across too sarcastic in my original post. This is Styleforum, we celebrate people that take risks in what they wear, that perhaps wear ordinary clothes but make them look good with the way they wear them, that hunt and find those industry breaking designers and have the balls to wear them in their small towns. There's so much posted on here that I personally wouldn't wear but isn't that what makes forum...
Cool. Thanks for the info... It wasn't meant as a personal attack just an observation on the Thumbs up etiquette. Now I understand the number of thumbs up has little to do with outfit style but more about length of service on site and if you're a nice bloke with a good looking wife. I'll go back to looking and not commenting.
   Does this get so many thumbs up because there's a 'GIRL' in it or am i missing something?
I've got a medium in the Lightning Patch as well. The Bigsby is a bit straighter in the body and without the cuff at the bottom sits on my hips. The Lightning Patch always seems a little short because of my long body but i know thast the style. i wouldn't say boxy, just straight cut.
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