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I've got a medium in the Lightning Patch as well. The Bigsby is a bit straighter in the body and without the cuff at the bottom sits on my hips. The Lightning Patch always seems a little short because of my long body but i know thast the style. i wouldn't say boxy, just straight cut.
Size I have is a Medium but you have to take into consideration I'm very slim and 6'2" with long upper body.(sounds like a dating profile)   Large was too boxy.
Bigsby in person.     
No, actually NY.  The guys in West Broadway got it out for me. Haven't been into Mount Street this year yet. also picked up this, which the photo doesn't do justice. Great internal indigo fabric. 
Called the Bigsby Jacket.  
 I have to admit i bought this about 30 seconds after seeing it. It's by far my favourite piece to date. I've also had 2 people ask where its from already. The buttons are beautifully engraved and the colour contrasts are great. I'll put some pictures up when I get a chance.
Yes approximately. I reckon there's about 1/2 inch difference in thigh width between Slim Narrow and Slim. I've really only noticed the fit difference around the bottom half of the leg with the Slim Narrow obviously being slimmer. Back rise also feels about an inch lower but then i did take a size up compared to normal.
So did I. Fabric is incredible though and i can't wait to see them fade. The guys in West Broadway have said they've been selling extremely well and next season they are using the same fabric but washed down.
  Agreed with the above. The Owens jacket leather is by far more superior than the LVC leather. Very heavy and durable. 
I think you'll be lucky to get the lookbooks anymore on pdf from SA. RL are apparently very nervous since the Native American uproar over the Holiday period with the lookbook images.
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