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yes. medium. its cut shorter on the back than front but this is the style.
i'm shy, but i'll see what i can do.
yes. go TTS. i'm narrow but tall so the shoulders is more a reflection of me than the vest fit.
i bought it. i find it pretty useful as its not been too cold yet in the UK.  I took my normal size, medium. It is a little wide on the shoulder to wear with anything less than a shirt/sweatshirt underneath but i wouldn't wear it with just a t-shirt anyway.
But i did pick up this seasons which is beautiful 
Agreed. Thats the one i missed and regret the most.
that sounds like your 2011 pair were already the US fabric then. the Green/Brown is consistent with the japanese fabric. Also don't trust the web descriptions too rigidly (get it?!) but there is the possibility they have old inventory that they are clearing. 
They're a different fabric to start off with. The 2011 version was probably still the Japanese fabric. They are now made on the exclusive US denim from Cone. They do break in differently. I feel the US has a deeper blue shade where the Japanese had a grey/blue sulphur bottom color. Grin is similar with similar singeing levels. Japanese I felt had higher sizing (Starch) levels. Regarding fit - nothing changed.
 Slim Measurement:thigh 24 1/8"Knee 16 1/8"Leg Opening 15" Slim narrow Measurements:Thigh 24 1/4"Knee 16"Leg opening 14" 
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