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I've bought samples from the UK showroom sales and they are usually marked in some way like this. Other way to check is to see if there are any internal labels on the side seams. Samples usually have hand written labels or no labels at all as they have been cut out. Production articles must have proper washing/fabric labels.
My understanding is that Chaps was a licensed product but is now in-house. Lauren was the same i think but has been back in house longer. I may be wrong.
Yes they do. But its only a department store level brand, mainly shirting and ties in the EU.
Try Alan Joseph in Marseille.
That jackets not Limited Edition. Its part of the seasonal Fall Icon range. Just type Icon into the search bar and it will bring up all the Icon pieces for the season.
Stretch Skinny are RRL Women's jeans.
Yes. It was announced a few months ago that RRL now comes under the new RL President of Luxury brands. http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140219-905947.html
Turn inside out. Hand wash cool. Do not use fabric softener. Do not spin!!!!!!! Allow to drip dry outside.
    Not much to add to DJ as he's answered most points.  "Sanforized Cotton Selvedge Piece Dyed Chino Fabric" = They won't shrink much. Sanforization allows for a 5% shrinkage tolerance. Are these cotton twill chinos or are they more like raw selvedge denim? = They are a twill with a 2x2 weaving pattern. They are rigid which means they still have the 'sizing' starch on the fabric and therefore feel like a rigid denim, they are however technically a twill.  Will they...
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