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I think we are missing another factor that might have been in play with the switch to Cone for the core denim. I had heard that since the London Olympics and the back lash against the Made in China outfits, RL has been challenging the design teams to try and increase the level of US production and fabrics across the business. the Cone switch may have come out of that.
  I don't wear skin tight but if my jeans are a bit snug i just pop my nuts out the front of the fly.  It seems to work but for some reason other people object.
 Fits pretty true to size if not a little larger. I took a Medium which is my standard RRL shirt size. Plenty of room to wear L/S underneath. Curious to know how it reacts after washing as the fabric feels relatively unwashed on purchase.
I picked it up the other day. Beautiful fabric with double sided frogskin print.  
Interesting. Were they this seasons white jeans? I have them from a couple of seasons ago and they are USA made. This seasons are also Japanese fabric but I didn't check the 'Made In' label when i was in store.
10.8oz is the weight of the unwashed fabric per square yard. 92 x 60 relates to fabric density - i.e. number of warp and weft yarns in a square inch.
Its the Western shirt in Denim.
Thank you. Wouldn't say the Varsity is that warm. It's a light cotton chino on the outside with a felted wool liner body. I've been wearing it under my Belstaff when outside at the moment.
Thought I'd share my weekends work.   New SP14 Varsity Jkt         And some patching work to an old RRL Western shirt - i'd gone through the elbow, and my Rigid Slim's - wallet hole.   I used an old pocket RRL pocket square for both.    
This is the Dauntless Jacket from Fall 12 Royal Navy Collection.  I have it in a small which is the 'standard size' I take in most RRL outerwear. It doesn't leave me much room to wear anything heavy underneath but then this is super warm so i don't need to.
New Posts  All Forums: