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I don't think Redwing make them. I know a few guys who work for them and they've never mentioned it.
Holy crap.
 They look dodgy to me. never seen that waistband label before.
Totally agree. In fact its clear to see how much of menswear is influenced by military clothing and fabrics. There's the great series of books by William Gibson that ends with the book Zero History where they are trying to track down the secret denim brand Gabriel Hounds and people are stealing prototype military cargos for the construction techniques.
Isn't that the exact reason the Ralph started the brand, to reproduce clothing from a golden era? And if you see the product manuals they produce each season they clearly state that many items are reproductions of vintage pieces. The RRL officers chino even print all the authentic details on the pocket linings and its not a rip off of the US chino its a reproduction of the British Officers Chino. What amazes me about the Wallace and Barnes chino is that they even copy the...
I've bought samples from the UK showroom sales and they are usually marked in some way like this. Other way to check is to see if there are any internal labels on the side seams. Samples usually have hand written labels or no labels at all as they have been cut out. Production articles must have proper washing/fabric labels.
My understanding is that Chaps was a licensed product but is now in-house. Lauren was the same i think but has been back in house longer. I may be wrong.
Yes they do. But its only a department store level brand, mainly shirting and ties in the EU.
Try Alan Joseph in Marseille.
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