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Yes approximately. I reckon there's about 1/2 inch difference in thigh width between Slim Narrow and Slim. I've really only noticed the fit difference around the bottom half of the leg with the Slim Narrow obviously being slimmer. Back rise also feels about an inch lower but then i did take a size up compared to normal.
So did I. Fabric is incredible though and i can't wait to see them fade. The guys in West Broadway have said they've been selling extremely well and next season they are using the same fabric but washed down.
  Agreed with the above. The Owens jacket leather is by far more superior than the LVC leather. Very heavy and durable. 
I think you'll be lucky to get the lookbooks anymore on pdf from SA. RL are apparently very nervous since the Native American uproar over the Holiday period with the lookbook images.
Concepts for Sp15 are:   Iron Horse - 1930's/1940's motorcycle group Rough Riders - Western/Navajo English Patient - British Military WW11   looking forward to new denim style Slim Narrow in Tennessee cotton, spun, woven and dyed in Japan, made in US.
Thats not a RRL label. That looks like the Ralph by Ralph Lauren label which is made for department stores.
We don't mention it. It may go away on its own.
I have it in a Medium and its pretty TTS. It is short in the body but that's the design. Couldn't comment on any other price drop.
I don't think Redwing make them. I know a few guys who work for them and they've never mentioned it.
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