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 Slim Measurement:thigh 24 1/8"Knee 16 1/8"Leg Opening 15" Slim narrow Measurements:Thigh 24 1/4"Knee 16"Leg opening 14" 
Relevant article published today following our recent discussions.     Unravelling the Myth of ‘Made in America’     NEW YORK, United States — The 2016 US presidential campaign has featured plenty of mudslinging, but precious little policy talk. That, of course, has a lot to do with the leading candidates. In particular, Republican nominee Donald Trump, whose demagogic, reality-television persona turned the three presidential debates into shouting matches...
What you should ask is where is the fabric from? My understanding is that RRL develops all its own fabrics, hardly ever using standard factory runs from specialist factories all over the world. This is extremely costly. Their Cone Mills denim is all proprietary - meaning no one else can use it and is only woven for them,.   A lot of other brands just use general stock fabrics with no development costs.   Construction is only the last part of the process and why...
Shared by one of my Christian 'friends'.   
That Jackets from last year so little chance stores will still have it. Have you tried Dee Cee Style in Zurich - they're a good stockist.Sears in Bassano - Italy. or Blue Marlin in Rome are also good.
Midland, Midland 2 and Midland 3 are the same wash but performed on a new fabric base. This happened when RRL started moving from Japanese to US selvage. The photos used by the Product Guides and the Online store are photos directly form the samples. this is where the discrepancies occur. My understanding is that there are major changes still made after the sales samples are made. Multiply this by the fact that photos were all done by a 3rd party the updated styles were...
No problem. Don't think they're Womens as my knowledge is they've never done a Narrow. I've seen Skinny and Boyfriend in Womens. Could be rogue labeling or even a sample that never made production. Knee bagging is the fabric becoming loose around the knee due to continual bending of the knee forcing the fabric to stretch. Common in skinny jeans with 2% elastane but also possible in 100% cotton if the denim is worn too tight.
  These are clearly not new jeans but ones extensively worn - probably from Rigid. The right knee bagging and turn up fold show this. The rivets are correct - showing the rivet and burr style used by RRL. Centre button is correct and the back pocket hem shows the distinctive wear from the inserted ridge. However the Narrow name is confusing as the new fit is called the Slim Narrow and only introduced in SP15. The back pocket stitch is also confusing as Slim and Slim Narrow...
They're bundled together as a double issue now. Mensfile (UK) needed financial support to continue and Clutch wanted into the Eu market. Makes a good magazine. All Mensfile's have been good in my opinion. Its just a shame I don't speak or read Japanese.
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