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Sorry about that- haven't logged in in a while
i'm 26. Is this lame?   http://www.converse.com/us/en/regular/mens-americana-girl-photo-crew-tee/14090C.html  
How does one avoid getting sucked into trends and corporate advertising? Like, "If you buy this type of clothing you will be an 'X' type of guy"- where X is cool, tough brave, etc.   I've spent a lot of money chasing an image and would like to know if anyone has had the same experience.
You want your pants to end above your ankles? I saw that happen a few years ago fashion-wise and unless the guy was short it looked silly, but that's MO I don't live in LA but in the hot South (90 degree heat in summer) I couldn't imagine wearing leather boots or jeans in the heat My question: I'm 6'6 and Gap's LT size isn't long enough in the sleeve, should I just get XLT and tailor in the chest?
 Like, are the leather sleeves a must? Because baseball/varsity jackets (or jackets like that) were huge a year ago. Levi's had some. Gap. Topman. J Crew, probably. My question is: is there a collaquial name for the edgy/tattooed/punk/pretty boy look I'm seeing on sites like Diesel and ASOS?...
No dice?
Came across a GQ article http://www.gq.com/style/wear-it-now/201106/mens-summer-clothes-road-trip-packing ( slightly NSFW opening) that defined a tough, sun-bleached "road trip" americana style. I want the look but don't know where to start. Ralph Lauren's "Denim & Supply" line seems to appeal to this aesthetic. Any thoughts? Blogs to check out? Style icons?
I don't mean to clog up the board with such a basic question but I've been lurking the other boards and can't quite find the solution.   I want a straight leg jean, but I have large thighs; should I get a SNUG fitting jean in Regular fit (Levi's 505) or SKINTIGHT Levis 501's? Is stretching the material out that bad?
I found deep navy to be limiting if one isn't pairing it with something lighter, but I guess that's obvious Is the slim pants trend dying out? I like how tapered ankles show off the shoes...
I've been doing Black, Charcoal, Light Gray and Navy. The navy works with nothing, so I threw in some dusty tans (like chinos). Weird look though, it's mostly just jeans and t-shirts; trying to diversify it with knits and chambray (etc). Different materials.
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