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I don't mean to clog up the board with such a basic question but I've been lurking the other boards and can't quite find the solution.   I want a straight leg jean, but I have large thighs; should I get a SNUG fitting jean in Regular fit (Levi's 505) or SKINTIGHT Levis 501's? Is stretching the material out that bad?
I found deep navy to be limiting if one isn't pairing it with something lighter, but I guess that's obvious Is the slim pants trend dying out? I like how tapered ankles show off the shoes...
I've been doing Black, Charcoal, Light Gray and Navy. The navy works with nothing, so I threw in some dusty tans (like chinos). Weird look though, it's mostly just jeans and t-shirts; trying to diversify it with knits and chambray (etc). Different materials.
Read a GQ article on limiting your wardrobe to a three colors (ex: gray, white and black, like that east-coast rap thing I've seen lately) does anyone actually do this or is it crazy?   How does anyone go about creating a look these days?
Bought a pair of Diesel "Safaldo" (slim-straight) jeans.   The legs are exactly what it says on the tin, slim-straight, but the waist ballooned out two inches. Anyone encounter this problem?
Levi's, actually. J. Crew.
QUICK QUESTION:   I have twill jeans that are a bit too "regular fitting" for me.   Is it okay to make cutoff shorts out of them?
Gap tall sizes? Are we talking about designer tees?I'm considered skinny as it is, being 6'6. Should I bite the bullet and buy  a slim fit or a straight fit that has a bit of bulk to it anyhow?
Idk man I know Gap sold some really nice slim wool trousers this winter but 'course those are gone. Banana Republic? I'm sure the other posters would know more than I What's the seat look like? And could someone check out my post on slim pants (above)?
Uh, chain mail? 
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