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Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Im looking to get a nice Slim Fit suit for christmas and want to know what designer makes the best slim fitting suit i black or grey for less then $2,000. I despise baggy clothing so it must be slim fitting. Thanks for the help. Please note I live in North Carolina and we dont have any good stores for suits. At that price point D&G and Z-Zegna are decent choices.
Actually, I picked one up on eBay last year for a whopping $47. It was vintage, which means it has details you don't find today, (such as tickng around the edge and velvet lined pockets). I had the tailor lengthen the sleeves so no cuff would be showing and replace the velvet collar which was a bit worn for a total cost, including purchase of $137. It looks amazing. I also have the BB cashmere overcoat and the Chesterfield is in another league altogether.
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonsun So SA told me to stay away from charcoal or light grey.....and i was like isn't that 50% of the all men's suit color? lol Wrong. Olive skin goes very well with light gray. There's a post on A Suitable Wardrobe about it too.
It bothers me that the J Crew mens suiting does not include the details that their women suits do such as pic stitching and surgeon's cuffs. Also, although the construction is the same, the men's suits are usually 1/3 more in cost. For the rest of it it's geared towards college kids or those that want to still dress like they are both in college and a kid. They don't even carry shoes you can wear in a non-casual business environment anymore. Their cashmere sweaters are...
What got me was the "older posts" where there's a pic and the simple comment "That Tail!' So Sart.
While I like Sart's photo skills I don't always appreciate his point of view. I'm trying to decide where the author of this come down on it:
I keep a pair in my MG for longish trips which for me would be longer than an hour. For around the house I use slippers.
I'm sorry, but I wonder how many of the "no's" actually have had to wear them... First, given the health issues associated with wearing even moderately tight collars, (google it) expanders should be in everypne's furninshings box. Second, it's a matter of proportion. If we're talking about a small amount of tension on the expander it'll be un-noticable. If it's a lot, then it's time to move up in shirt size. In any event, it's often a simple matter of choosing,...
Hi, I'm looking at picking up some shirts and I was wondering what people thought of wearing white pencil-striped shirts with pinstripe suits. Is it too much? Especially with a striped tie? Most of my suits are blue or charcoal pinstripes and while I'm looking at black and/or navy pencil-striped shirts I don't want to get anything that I'll wind up not wearing. Thanks in Advance,
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant And don't wear the jacket with a black or colorful turtleneck, unless you want an "affected" look. Completely disagree. You may think it's affected, but for most it's only affected if the person wearing it is affected. It's a matter of perception, and you need to admit you bring your point of view to the argument. That said, the most elegant man I saw over the winter was wearing clesea...
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