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Are any of the geller denim fits tapered from the knee down? Naturally small boned so I have skinny ankles but my thighs are usually too big for most skinny jeans from lifting.
they used to do like a 10% styleforum code im pretty sure
They prob removed the Spring discount so people wouldn't be expecting like 40% discount for black friday which might in turn make less people buy stuff during black friday. Just like how they stopped doing their SF -%.
I really like that Elite 8 c/w, was going to get them before realizing I really shouldn't buy new running shoes.
Personally I liked where they were at before, brand wise. Used to look at the brand as a nicer, better priced APC. Now can't really see myself buying any of these past 2 or so seasons without discount, starting at 25%. A lot of praise for this brand before came from it being a better alternative to wings+horns, etc because they were raising prices, a little sad to see the same things happen here too.
Personally I prefer the black suede ones and the split seam ones from before. http://www.styleforummarket.com/robert-geller-x-common-projects-olive-suede-chelsea-boots/ Long shot but anyone have a pair of these in 41 that want to trade for a pair in 42, brand new?
I don't think the JE rep wants to talk or give prices anymore b/c they know ppl are going to get riled up about it if they say the price lol. But I think the bomber will be somewhere between $600-800. If they price it higher, then thats pretty insane. I definitely seeing JE trying to move up to the higher end of the middle tier fashion brands. 25% off the prices of this season's collection would prob be the price if this came out a year or two earlier.
If I could get a refund I would definitely put an order in, would take less time to get the jacket too.
-OG Band Collar DR (pig suede/blistered lamb) -Bomber 2010 (calf) -Chesterfield Coat -Duffel Coat
Is there a way to buy multiple items at once on the Spring app? Or do you just have to go checkout on each individual item?
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