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-OG Band Collar DR (pig suede/blistered lamb) -Bomber 2010 (calf) -Chesterfield Coat -Duffel Coat
Is there a way to buy multiple items at once on the Spring app? Or do you just have to go checkout on each individual item?
new hyperdunks kinda look like boxing shoes. Not sure if I like the chunky heel
orfleeing the country
The crazy thing is Drew doesn't seem to be worried about potentially being taken to court or have any urgency to stop what's going on in this thread.
156 lowk $820
When was the cutoff again? I feel like its closer to 85% not completed. A lot of orders from Aug/Sept 2013 still haven't gone out yet and the only 2014 orders have been non-leathers.
someone make one with where in the world is carmen san diego lol
found it (but who knows if it's true) When was the cutoff anyways? There's still orders from like Aug/Sep 2013 still unfulfilled and just some non-leathers from early 2014 that went out. So I'm guessing ~80% of that 1 mil+ was stolen edit: someone beat me to it
Didn't someone or Drew mention in a post there was around 1 million dollars worth of orders after the first cutoff?
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