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If you think the chino shorts are too long you could always cuff them. I wish their tees had longer sleeves & length in general but I could just size up since I prefer a drapey fit anyways
if I remember correctly the top jacket was pretty cropped.Actually still have the bottom jacket with tags still on, gotta break it out sometime.
u got a front view of the kito's w/ high tops? Agree with escobars and high tops not looking good
Ya I think I need to size up on supimas. My supima tee's are pretty tight after washing it a few times, not as drapey as I wanted.
is there actual olive denim out or are you just hoping? been looking a good pair of slim/skinny olive denim
This is the one I saw in the thread, could do w/o the shorts shorts but the fit of the sweatshirt is good imo. Maybe leaner is better for je
agree with not sizing down, the best je fits are the looser/casual ones, sad the say one of the best fits I've seen was on scott disick. A lot of ppl in here wear it way too tight just looks awk
I bought some of the non-bd easy care shirts and they are pretty well fitting, decent material for what I paid and gets the job done. Pretty funny how they just remark the prices on the old stock, had a sticker price $39.90 over the original $34.90.
Idk about college but I wrestled in high school and weigh ins were day of the meet/matches. Didn't rly stop ppl from going on a run with sweat suit, spitting, not drinking/eating before though.
tbh did you expect the makers to somehow become able to produce jackets at 2-3x the pace all of a sudden? Sad to see the orders from the end of 2013 still arent being sent out yet
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