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Ya just got to wait for the next wave of hypebeasts "graduating" to the next level, high schoolers & middle schoolers who become college age an up, etc.
What brands out there make quality basics (tees, henleys, bd's, etc) in nice color block/subtle patterns or interesting materials in $100-ish ball park? i.e., a less baller Marni, etc   You can list the usual suspects, I'll weed them out myself.
how light is the terry on the shorts (mainly asking about the hoya and court shorts) light enough to wear in the summer?
size up at least one, but I would wash & dry before wearing since they will shrink
For anyone that washed & put their tees & sweats in the dryer, how much did they shrink after using the dryer?
How stiff are the coasts? Are stacks sloppy or they hold up well without fixing it?
Tried the pbj loose tapered since I wanted something a little looser than the skinny tapered. Sized down one from skinny tapered and they fit too loose in the legs for my liking but the waist fit just right and the washed denim felt too soft couldnt get nice stacking. Wished they came out with some lighter washed skinny tapered that werent too soft.
je+co rep?
Are there any places that have the tennis classics or blazers hi or low in all white (mostly white could work too)?
      is this the sand color of the rebel? If so, is the color accurate in the pic?
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