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Yeah I was saying the fit of the more muscular model is prob the slimmest people should wear it imo. I mean if Lebron wears JE, I think bigger people should be able to fit the aesthetic. Then again not all clothes are built for every body type. JE stuff fits slim/longer so imo looks better on a taller/leaner person, say a basketball player than a football player.
People on this thread starting to sound like they are on NT or HB.... man its just some sweats, good quality ones but don't have to start beasting over these jawnz like kids beasting over the newly released j's lol Guess thats what happens when celebs like kanye wears this stuff/ Fit wise i feel like a lot of people are wearing the clothes too tight. Something about the proportions with tight sweats and high tops makes it seem almost cartoonish. Any tighter than the model...
I think it's a good sign that Charlie is still working for TOJ, means Drew is still paying him/TOJ is (semi)-operating
the acg stuff is almost hba status...
it looked like kanye had some weird long fingers then realized it was the sweater cuffs haha   it also doesnt look like the JE bomber cuz the bomber in the pic has the stitching/threading on the arms
great fit on the jeans up top, I'm waiting for the khaki ones to come out to try out my first JE jeans. Any ETA on them?
Anyone know if geller is wearing a geller tee in the mag? if so, what tee is it? Like the slouchy fit of it
Need some new basketball & training shorts, which ones have an inseam between 9-10 inches? Also does nike have any pocketless shorts so they won't snag when I play football? Preferably minimal design/solid colors
What's the biggest % off for the nike clearance online? Is the 25% the higherst
to the cp hi's person, im a full size bigger than u in all the shoes u listed. 9.5/10 nike 9 vans 8.5 clarks/boots/etc. 41 cp   not sure if sizing down might be too small width wise though
New Posts  All Forums: