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3sixteen for Woodlands Pendleton Wool Overshirt Size Small in Red Worn around 5x but still in great condition   Price: $150 $135 shipped in the USA
Patrik Ervell Knit Polo Shirt from SS12 (short sleeve) Size Small Navy color 85% Pima Cotton/15% Silk Tried on a few times but basically brand new and one of the stitches on the tag ripped but it can be sewed back on.   Price: $90 $80 Shipped in USA
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Are the current wool suit jacket/pants on the US site still pretty good? Or are there better alternatives in the price range?
So the stretch skinny tapered are better fabric than the regular $49 skinny tapered they have now? Is the material rigid so that it stacks well too? Need a new pair, my old skinny tapered are too small now (they are 98% cotton/2% spandex).
Let's be honest, no one could have predicted the downfall of TOJ. Towards the end there were the signs but after a few years of of pretty good service no one was going to think this would have happened. A sports analogy: it would be like saying you could have predicted that Gilbert Arenas was going to go from perennial all-star to falling off after the firearm charges.
The old raw jeans were like 225$ right? Their new pricing is up there with designer denim and actual denim brands
Came for the angry mobs about pricing on the denim lol
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