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Not clothing related, but anyone got a good lead on a good in ear headphone deal this weekend like last year's amazon one
So what's exactly missing from the site now? Doesn't seem much
When he hasn't responded he probably is waiting for Drew's response. I don't think he's the one who's doing the refunds so he can only tell you as much as he knows or when he hears from Drew.
Ya I like how most streetwear designers style it. Around where the pants waistband is for the jacket with a top under thats an inch or so longer, like how Drew usually wears the samples
It kinda depends on your style. Like do you wear longer/drapey tees, do you sag your pants, etc all about the proportions...
So size down the blue japan loose tapered jeans from your other uniqlo jeans? Anyone know the leg opening on a size 29 or 30? How does the fit compare to the skinny tapered
Maybe i just got bigger haha. I havent noticed my non supima uniqlo tees shrink much, so i was thinking it was a supima thing
Just looking for like semi-cheap everyday solid color tees. the nonnative ones are pretty expensive, might try john elliot ones since they will solve the length problem from uniqlo, or I might just try to size up. The supima tees are otherwise pretty good besides the fit.I'll try out the pure blue japan ones as well.How much have the supima tees been shrinking for you guys?
Which tees would you guys recommend for a drapey/semi loose fit and how to size in them. I feel like the airism tees are more undershirts than stand alone tees.I have the supima tees in medium but they are kinda tight/short on me (do they shrink a lot not sure if they did or not in the dryer)
Someone should turn this thread into a soap opera or movie.
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