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je+co rep?
Are there any places that have the tennis classics or blazers hi or low in all white (mostly white could work too)?
      is this the sand color of the rebel? If so, is the color accurate in the pic?
lol @ how every time a few jackets are received the commotion is calmed until the next random person comes in to start the angry mob
ya not a fan of the hem and the length, make you have to layer something long under it
This thread is graduation for the hypebeasts. Upgrading from 2-300$ nikes to 2-300$ sweatshirts lol
I was comparing the denim & check shirt from this season to last seasons flannel with the leather yoke & the nep flannel shirt is also a lot cheaper. It also kinda sucks the denim and check shirt were the only pieces I wanted this season. Plus the khaki jeans & depending how the new rebel hoodie comes out.
Been looking for a new light wash denim shirt. But damn, the price of the denim shirt & that check shirt really put me off on them especially when the flannels are heavier and cost the same or less.
For those that dry their tee's. How much have they shrank?
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