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Are the current wool suit jacket/pants on the US site still pretty good? Or are there better alternatives in the price range?
So the stretch skinny tapered are better fabric than the regular $49 skinny tapered they have now? Is the material rigid so that it stacks well too? Need a new pair, my old skinny tapered are too small now (they are 98% cotton/2% spandex).
Let's be honest, no one could have predicted the downfall of TOJ. Towards the end there were the signs but after a few years of of pretty good service no one was going to think this would have happened. A sports analogy: it would be like saying you could have predicted that Gilbert Arenas was going to go from perennial all-star to falling off after the firearm charges.
The old raw jeans were like 225$ right? Their new pricing is up there with designer denim and actual denim brands
Came for the angry mobs about pricing on the denim lol
Are any of the geller denim fits tapered from the knee down? Naturally small boned so I have skinny ankles but my thighs are usually too big for most skinny jeans from lifting.
they used to do like a 10% styleforum code im pretty sure
They prob removed the Spring discount so people wouldn't be expecting like 40% discount for black friday which might in turn make less people buy stuff during black friday. Just like how they stopped doing their SF -%.
I really like that Elite 8 c/w, was going to get them before realizing I really shouldn't buy new running shoes.
Personally I liked where they were at before, brand wise. Used to look at the brand as a nicer, better priced APC. Now can't really see myself buying any of these past 2 or so seasons without discount, starting at 25%. A lot of praise for this brand before came from it being a better alternative to wings+horns, etc because they were raising prices, a little sad to see the same things happen here too.
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