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Is that a hooded vest inside the jacket,wondering how much is it and what the fabric is .
How about Bakers,any details?thanks!
EG truman jacket Brand new (but the tag was missing),I never had a chance to worn it,I just tried it on at home. I brought it from odin ny   size:small(back 26.5 inch,shoulder 18inch,chest 19.5 inch) the fabric(cl cloth) is very soft and breathable.   price:220 usd shipping:20usd to Asia and 30 usd to US/EU
agreebut the fabric/pattern of the clothes look familiar.
can't wait to see the wwm collection. Actually as a huge fan of WWM I was so disappointed to see the SS13 and AW13 collection.But I hope it will make something different for AW14!!
 man,I want that navy serge bedford,It is nice!!!
It looks the sleeves are roomier. May be it is better for layering
EG ss13 patchwork baker jacket BNWT,Mediun size(P2P 20.5inch,back 27inch)     $208 shipped     
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