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Beer is certainly an all time favorite, be it for males or females. I definitely need it frquently especially on days which I chill on my sofa and watch sports etc.. bet you guys are the same!  
Money duh lol    
don't really get this. poor comprehension skills.   reminds me of this woman on the train who kept trying to peek at what i was playing on my iPhone. i mean, it's pretty obvious her eyes were glancing over EVERY now and then. i don't mind if you give a quick peek, but not throughout the journey man. it was totally distracting...and in the end i stopped playing and pretended to sleep instead :)
  HAHA i've been troubling over this for quite a while too. cash is the best. doesn't go wrong in any situation.   oh well...maybe if i win US$9999 from this i will just issue a hefty check to my junior school pal who's getting married next week..   
    HAHA. good luck to you then.    
Driving on empty streets during the night. there's something magical about it.
FTW totally. 
  HAHA definitely the most appropriate gift. won't go wrong. 
use VPN to bypass the Great China Firewall,
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