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ma1 in the mail, but won't arrive in time for valentine's...   this is pain
Can't decide whether to go suede leather or toj0 for a last jacket. main reason for toj0 is because i like that it would be a back to the beginning type of deal, plus it's cool but i've been craving a lamb suede leather (a1 but that's gone). I've considered the t1, but i'd like to hear if anyone has an vision for a suede version of another leather that isn't the bcdr...though a lamb suede double stitch bcdr does sound nice... already have qdr, moto, cwu, wool...
that pic with the grain like that...that's how it came (not that it wasn't worn already in the pic, as it was and you can tell from the creases on the arms)you get that type of grain sometimes, but the grain that you see from wearing it is completely different. you don't get the vein-y lookit just looks a little more like the goat grain, if you're familiar.   EDIT:  [[SPOILER]]
48 with 46 lengths sounds right. Don't worry about your shoulder measurements. It won't make a difference.
Also height
thanks guys yup, black lamb.
Alright here's my moto i just picked up  
fun fact: toj tote is the perfect size to pick up toj packages from the post office
 You can make a change up until the point where your jacket is going to get made, which will be a while from now. If it is as you say, then you should have no problem with the 44/46. To me, it sounds like the 44/46 will be a very slim fit, and the stock 46 would be comfortably roomy (not overly). If he didn't advise against it, you should be fine either way.
did you give those measurements to charly/had him suggest that to you? i'd peg you at a stock 46 but don't quote me on that
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