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Harrington was the same price as base leathers
For trade or sale: black suiting wool ma1 48 w 46 lengths
I you got that large zip measurement from me, that was a rough guess based on the Drew's statement of it fitting in an APC pocket.
Also down for weekender.
+1 large zip measurements (my guess is 4"x4.5") Also still wondering about Oxford and possibly stock size parkas
SOLD listing will be closed soon Hey guys, You know what this is. go check out the gallery for more pics. Tried it on once and it's been sitting in a garment bag since, so I think it'd be best if it went off to a better home. Let me know if you have any questions.
All in for Parka x2 Wallet Daypack/bag Oxford
it's not too much dude; don't worry about it.
ma1 in the mail, but won't arrive in time for valentine's...   this is pain
Can't decide whether to go suede leather or toj0 for a last jacket. main reason for toj0 is because i like that it would be a back to the beginning type of deal, plus it's cool but i've been craving a lamb suede leather (a1 but that's gone). I've considered the t1, but i'd like to hear if anyone has an vision for a suede version of another leather that isn't the bcdr...though a lamb suede double stitch bcdr does sound nice... already have qdr, moto, cwu, wool...
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