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What's there to not get? If you do order a jacket, you're going in knowing all of that. It doesn't affect you in any way.
Charly, do you accept bribes?
Practically nothing
Drew said about 2 months.
At 5'8" 46 lengths are fine.
Haha what up dude! Had my moto in the car but didn't wear it for that same reason.
I ordered a Daypack in part due to meeting this dude in a store in LA who was wearing an MDR and a Daypack. Nice guy
What's your height? Edit: nvm I just saw your bit about 6'0+
Harrington was the same price as base leathers
For trade or sale: black suiting wool ma1 48 w 46 lengths http://www.styleforum.net/t/385334/toj-black-suiting-wool-ma-1-48-w-46-lengths-new/0_40#post_7040451
New Posts  All Forums: