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It's goat yup my bad, i got them mixed up; they switched out the goat for calf
not everyone posts nor has any obligation to
Got my wallet recently
Where do you see that? I see:and at the bottom of the page it only lists the boot oil This is where i got what I said, however: edit: oh i see what you're saying now - not recommended but acceptable i suppose
Boot oil is for harness leathers Mink is supposed to be for their roughout
Drew, If i rub an m3, will you appear and grant my wishes? Please,I am literally dying here Ok maybe not literally
IIRC charly said he doesn't know anything about the daypacks or wallets as Drew is handling those. Drew also said a little while ago that they were in production.
Not an MA-1. That's a CWU with a ribbed collar.
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