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42r Brooks Brothers Blue Blazer. 99.99 obo with free shipping.  
Got two jackets for sale. Buy it now or best offer. Free shipping. Thanks for your interest.   42r Navy Brooks Brothers country club blazer, with brass buttons. Half Canvass.     42r Hickey Freeman Black and Charcoal Tweed Sport coat. Horn buttons. Full canvass.  
Not todays fit. Still to hot for this suit. Just got it back from the tailor. Thoughts?       The pocket square is a light tan.
I have two great jackets for sale. I'm accepting offers on both with free shipping. Thanks. 42r Brooks Brothers Navy Blazer     42r Hickey Freeman Tweed Sportcoat  
Just posted some new things. Prices are all negotiable. Free shipping. Tweed Hickey Freeman Sportcoat 42r     Hickey Freeman Price of Wales Pants 38x30     Blue Roundtree and York Gold Label Shirt, 15.5 -...
Don't know if this applies but here's my contribution.  
Ending in a few hours. Charcoal pinstripe Hickey Freeman suit. 42r. 59.99 free shipping.
42R Hickey Freeman Suit. Charcoal Pinstripe. Fully Canvassed. Horn Buttons. Flat Front Pants. Ends In 3 Days. 59.99 Free Shipping.
Yeah sorry about the bad picture, it's from the ebay listing. This picture showed the colors the most accurately. Right now its at the tailors getting alterations. I was hoping to get some advice on combo ideas because I'm having trouble coming up with any. Thanks.
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