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I bought a pair of Garret Leight Hardings in Sage in April that I am extremely fond of.  They are beautiful glasses, and the color perfectly suits my hair.     However, I also routinely use a very large amount of anti-acne medication that, if left undisturbed, will bleach the frames, particularly when the plastic is not exposed to the oils from my skin.  The Harding has a very noticeable nose keyhole, and at the moment the top of the bridge is substantially...
Has anyone ever had any experience with or Awesomeeyeglasses? I'm looking to get Oliver Peoples Sheldrake (or something equivalent-Cutler and Gross would be preferable) for around 450, including prescription. I don't trust either of these sites. Fastoptics seems terrifying-I put in my email for a second just to mess around with options, and some woman emailed me asking why I hadn't ordered it yet. Not a good sign. Both of those websites seem to have...
As a poor American student, sending them back to the UK to get resoled in the same manner seems hugely impractical. After 100 dollars and with the prospect that this might happen again, I would consider just giving up on them at that point. What are the disadvantages of a rubber half sole? I would like also to thank everyone here for helping me.
120 dollars?  I haven't seen that price tag anywhere.  These shoes were a substantial investment for me, and I will do a lot to repair them.   EDIT: Anyone know a great service in the Chicago Area?  
What would you suggest?  You sound like you know a lot more about this than I do, though I admittedly know very little.     Does a Good Year welt make it harder to resole?     Also, does normal wear indicate that I'm not destroying these shoes by walking strangely?  I really wanted these to last.    
Would the fact that it is Goodyear welted make it more difficult/expensive/longer for the repair process?  Not possible to get a rubber sole?
I appreciate all of this, but I think my case is a bit different for several reasons: 1) Two months.  A hole. I don't think this is normal 2) From what I understand, Church's generally have a single sole, and do not have a reputation for durability, at least by boots standards.     With that said, I'm pretty scared by this, so I'm going to a local shoe repair shop, do whatever I can, and take care of these boots as much as I can.  My goal is to give them to a (future)...
Fitted?  I am new to all of this. 
How much would a rubber sole cost?
I thought that was just common sense.  I've gone three-four days without wearing them on days after rainfall, and never wear them when it was raining.   It was drizzling yesterday briefly, and I was on my feet almost all day, but this is...extreme.  I wonder if I stepped on something?
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