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just saw your Instagram pic....herringbone bedford looks great too....how's the pricing on that one? Man....I need a second job....
I'm liking that! Thanks for the pic. How's price and/or when will you have these up online?
any pics of that miner shirt?
I like it backwards the best too. Probably not something that would really fit in with what I wear, but kinda cool nonetheless.
This looks nice! I do think the dress packer, with it's sleeker shape, is more suited to dressy wear and I doubt they are easy to pull off but this is a fine example of doing it right.SD's look great with chinos, especially more casual ones, no argument here. Still don't think they are suit appropriate however.
I think White's can look great with denim or chinos and the like...I don't think I'd ever pair them with a suit though. Just can't imagine that looking appropriate really. If anybody tries it and pulls it off, be sure to post some pics...would love to see myself proven wrong.
ah...somehow I missed that post crosswound, thanks for the heads up on it...that was exactly what I was looking for. And I thought I hadn't missed anything in this EG thread...I need to read more closely!
so, how is the feel and weight of the navy heathered oxford workshirt? What about the fit? I'm usually a large but I went down to a medium in this seasons chambray and the fit is perfect for me, but the plaid twill workshirt was a little snug in a medium.
Can't say for sure as I can't fit into a medium Bedford (large or XL for me, depending upon fit)...but I would guess so as the other sizes seem to be just a bit more generous this year.
Thanks Gary! Will have to try and check out the navy/red when when they start showing up....sounds like a color combo I'd like.
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