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I agree, love that second fit. What can you say about the herringbone Bedford? Is it lined? How's the fabric weight? Fit? I've always wanted a wool herringbone Bedford, really considering one this year but it will mean getting rid of a few other things to make room...and by room I mean money.
I need to get off my ass and drive down to Chicago one of these days and check you guys out in person.
just saw your Instagram pic....herringbone bedford looks great too....how's the pricing on that one? Man....I need a second job....
I'm liking that! Thanks for the pic. How's price and/or when will you have these up online?
any pics of that miner shirt?
I like it backwards the best too. Probably not something that would really fit in with what I wear, but kinda cool nonetheless.
This looks nice! I do think the dress packer, with it's sleeker shape, is more suited to dressy wear and I doubt they are easy to pull off but this is a fine example of doing it right.SD's look great with chinos, especially more casual ones, no argument here. Still don't think they are suit appropriate however.
I think White's can look great with denim or chinos and the like...I don't think I'd ever pair them with a suit though. Just can't imagine that looking appropriate really. If anybody tries it and pulls it off, be sure to post some pics...would love to see myself proven wrong.
ah...somehow I missed that post crosswound, thanks for the heads up on it...that was exactly what I was looking for. And I thought I hadn't missed anything in this EG thread...I need to read more closely!
so, how is the feel and weight of the navy heathered oxford workshirt? What about the fit? I'm usually a large but I went down to a medium in this seasons chambray and the fit is perfect for me, but the plaid twill workshirt was a little snug in a medium.
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