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I was thinking Workaday....mainline are slimmer so I would think just about anything would work decently with those. Any fit pics of them?
I think it's normal to get annoyed, we're used to dealing with companies that have large call centers and/or people who are dedicated to responding to email inquiries and the like. Gitman, Alden, and a lot of these companies that are small (relatively, even though they seem pretty big in this little world of ours) are just not used to conducting business this way. A lot of these companies have been around for decades and only very recently have garnered the kind of...
I think a moc-toe style boot is a good option with the fatigue pants. The visual heaviness of the moc toe design helps lends enough visual substance to ground a fit that includes these rather loose fitting pants. I think a sleeker shoe or boot tends to get a little lost in the larger leg opening. I think footwear options open up in summertime when you can roll up the fatigues above the ankle which helps to keep sleeker and lower profile footwear from looking "swallowed...
In my experience a lot of these smaller companies suck at email...Alden is another good example. Pick up a phone and call them, it will probably go much more smoothly.
After getting into nicer clothes I quickly go to the point where I wouldn't even look at things made in China as I thought they would always be inferior to US or Japanese counterparts. RRL Officer Chinos changed that for me. I had the chance to check them out in person and as soon as I did I realized that China can produce something just as good as anyone else. The officer chinos are truly fantastic both in materials and construction, they are better built than my US...
^um...really? Why so cheap? Seems like any pant and jacket combo is worth at least 3x that. What's p2p on that jacket? Probably too small for me.
ugh....so good. This is becoming a must have for me. Just need to find a way to afford it...
that does help, thanks Shingles!
I agree, love that second fit. What can you say about the herringbone Bedford? Is it lined? How's the fabric weight? Fit? I've always wanted a wool herringbone Bedford, really considering one this year but it will mean getting rid of a few other things to make room...and by room I mean money.
I need to get off my ass and drive down to Chicago one of these days and check you guys out in person.
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