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really great colors together there and the fit on those Earl's is really nice. Did you just have the legs tapered some or what?
Cone denim is fine...but it's just kinda boring. All of it I've handled has felt a little cheap, kinda like APC denim, very blah. I don't think it's poor quality, just doesn't elicit much excitement.
Thanks for rubbing it in!!! I finally tracked down a green one last year but have still had no luck in finding a red one...and I want one so bad! I hold out hope that they'll eventually make another.
Interesting, not familiar with him, thanks for the info Gary. Must just be the way he's standing then...I guess it doesn't look small in the shoulders at all on a closer look. If this is the guy in charge of sourcing all the fabric then I am a fan of his, he definitely finds some interesting stuff. That actually ties into something I was thinking about recently when going through my chambray workshirts....I wonder how hard it is for them to keep finding new and...
Whoever that is talking with Angelo really needs to size up on that shirt! Looks rediculously tight. Not too excited by the cropped pants myself, prefer real shorts or just rolled pants...but that patchwork chambray could hold some promise and gingham check is always a classic. Can't believe were talking spring already...I'm still pretty excited by the FW offerings. Way more stuff I like this season than I can possibly afford!
It fits a little big, so does the denim Bedford this season. Uniform serge is a little trimmer, more like we're used to I think.
You stocking one Gary?
Really like that USN jacket...except for the pocket right by the middle button...seems a very odd placement to me. But, intriguing jacket design and the fabric looks cool.
I was thinking Workaday....mainline are slimmer so I would think just about anything would work decently with those. Any fit pics of them?
I think it's normal to get annoyed, we're used to dealing with companies that have large call centers and/or people who are dedicated to responding to email inquiries and the like. Gitman, Alden, and a lot of these companies that are small (relatively, even though they seem pretty big in this little world of ours) are just not used to conducting business this way. A lot of these companies have been around for decades and only very recently have garnered the kind of...
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