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No way...the mismatch is the best part and the only reason I want a pair. I still lust after the Trickers cap toe/wingtip mismatch shoes.
Thank you, that helps!
How is the sizing on Van's? I've tried searching but everything is being compared to other sneakers and I'm not much of a sneaker guy. I go 12 in Quoddy (or 11.5 for sockless wear), 11 in Tru Balance last or Barrie last (just barely...have gone 11.5 too), and 11.5 in White's Semi-Dress. Any suggestions?
Yeah, are they already sold out?
Today is a good day!!! After years of searching I finally found a red chambray for sale on Rakuten, thanks to Ryan's (lawlercon's) tip, and it arrived today. So happy to finally have one of these in my collection Yeah, I know this doesn't really have anything to do with FW13 but had to share!
http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/post/60761835862/special-release-vault-by-vans-for-engineered-garments Kinda cool....wonder what the fabric is for the black colorway. I love the mismatched elbow patches, wish I could get those on my herringbone wool Bedford.
It can vary depending on fabric. Herringbone wool fits bigger than serge wool this season for sure. Best thing is to figure out the one you want and find a couple sites that provide measurements and choose based on that. I got a medium in this seasons chambray workshirt and I'm a large in the wool herringbone and an XL in the serge wool.
They all are! Can't believe how good the price is on those. I want both pair of lace ups and the tan slip-ons...or maybe the navy....no the tan...no the navy. I don't know. Definitely want a pair of something from this collection though.
really great colors together there and the fit on those Earl's is really nice. Did you just have the legs tapered some or what?
Cone denim is fine...but it's just kinda boring. All of it I've handled has felt a little cheap, kinda like APC denim, very blah. I don't think it's poor quality, just doesn't elicit much excitement.
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