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Cool, I hadn't seen those yet. Anybody in the US carrying them? Love the mainline fatigues this season, the duck canvas is especially nice.
Are there blue fatigue pants this season? Pic right above the Barena fit looks like it.
Not all go on sale in all sizes though. And some may never make it to sales, I don't remember a lot of Hill Side collab shirts going on sale. But...there are often a lot of good deals on Gitmans late in the season if you're willing to risk them not having your size anymore. I buy about half of mine on sale and half at full price, just depends on the shirt and how bad and when I need it.
agreed, that sweater is awesome and looks really good over that shirt.
No. You could call Nepenthes to see if they have any left in your size, but no online store will have them.
I'm 11D in TruBalance and have 11E in Russell chukkas. Could probably have gone D though, bought them from existing stock, not custom fit.
Ha! Who would pay $400 for NBs? That is crazy and, personally, the Vans were way cooler. But I don't get into the whole NB thing, I have a pair of the all suede J Crew ones and think those are, by far, the best iteration of them ever.
Nice, glad to hear they are fitting friend in NY put a pair of 11s in the mail for me today, hoping they'll fit. Thanks for sharing some real world pics.
sweet, will do, thanks man!
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