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I agree that the customer service from EG is excellent. I bought some black canvas fatigues from a store while visiting my brother. After getting them home I realized they were missing the secondary waist button hole (you know there is the main waist button and then the second internal one). Anyway, email to Nepenthes and they said to send them in. They received the pants on a Friday and had them back in the mail to me the following Monday. Super fast, super friendly,...
Stop trying to pick a fight. We get it, you no longer like EG. Good for you. Know what, nobody in this thread really cares much what you think, but we don't need you coming in here trying to spread your negativity. If you don't like EG or don't think it's worth it, okay...I don't care enough to argue. I like it and that is why I participate in the thread. Go find a thread and talk about shit you do like then and leave this one alone.
Yeah, indigo pin dot! Have it, it's fantastic, really great feeling fabric.
Great, bye.
I don't think you understand what "grail" means. It seems you're asking for the most popular and representative examples of EG. In that case I'd say Bedford, field parka, workshirt, and fatigue pants. "Grail" typically means something that is prohibitively expensive and/or very difficult to find....either way, it's difficult to acquire...hence being grail-like.
wow, great price on a very hard to find color of EG chambray. If it were my size I'd buy it as a backup to the one I already have that took me a good year to find.
their selection of exclusive workshirts is cool. I normally don't like white shirts, but that white one is kinda cool and the floral polka-dot is something else.
Welt color and stitching. That's it. Pics show stitching differences well.
I find most RRL to be pretty middle of the road quality wise. Better than J Crew but considering the huge price difference I would hope so. I've had to return a number of shirts I ordered from RRL that had holes in them right out of the package...I think they distressed them a little too much. But, they do some things that are great. I have a flannel shirt that I love the fabric on and I've yet to find chinos that are made better than my selvage officer chinos. But, a...
I've had hooks snag plenty. I still have some on my Alden Roy boots so I can live with them, but my Whites are all eyelets which is definitely my preference.
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