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Good call because, based on those measurements, that would fit me just fine and I have 50lbs and 3" on you. Hmm....tempting actually....ha! Nah, can't spend the money, but I would love to have one of those, really a clean looking jacket.
Definitely seems like a large would be way too big for you and confirms what I'm seeing. I'm 6' 210lbs and wear a large in most EG stuff, including the field parka and cruiser jacket. I'm guessing that would fit me similar to my parka which is a trim fit right now (I was in better shape when I bought it, but never below 195lbs). Sorry...that sucks man, I wish I could say it fit but it just really doesn't look great.Lorcan7 - Love that fit! Everything looks really...
It's a jacket...but it's not a parka. It's not supposed to be a long fitting jacket either. And while many people do seem to wear outerwear with sleeves long like that I think it looks horribly sloppy and like a child wearing their older brothers handed down jacket that he has yet to grow into. Sleeve length would be a definitely deal breaker for me if it couldn't be fixed at the tailor. To each their own though. I'm curious...what size is the jacket and what is your...
Looks a size too big to me. EG isn't supposed to be fitted so you might be able to pull it off that way with the right stuff, but it looks particularly out of place with those pressed pants. I certainly couldn't wear it with the sleeves that long and not sure if the construction would allow for an easy alteration on those.
Nice! Is that black CXL?
I've looked and Need Supply was the only place I found them. Nepenthes might be able to tell you somewhere else that ordered them. Great pants this season...I have the black, brown, and olive sateen. Kinda wish I had the navy to round out my collection.
Most leather laces I've found for sale seem pretty poor quality. Best leather laces I've ever felt are the ones that come on White's boots and I believe you can order those off their website for less than $5. Nice thing about leather laces, you can just buy them long and cut them at whatever finished length you want.
That would be the FW11 one you have then, not the same one I have (had). Mine was FW10 version and it really is black I believe. The email I have from Context that shows it is from 8/5/10.
It is. And I don't think issues like this are out of line for boots in this price range. I have boots that are well over twice this price that are still not perfect to the discerning eye, that is the reality of boots that have some degree of handwork involved. At least at this price level, maybe when you drop a few grand for benchmade EG or something then things are different, probably. But for roughly $200, there isn't anything to be concerned with, in my opinion.
They are fine, that's pretty normal. You're freaking out over, relatively, inexpensive work boots. Chill out and just wear the boots.
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