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Most leather laces I've found for sale seem pretty poor quality. Best leather laces I've ever felt are the ones that come on White's boots and I believe you can order those off their website for less than $5. Nice thing about leather laces, you can just buy them long and cut them at whatever finished length you want.
That would be the FW11 one you have then, not the same one I have (had). Mine was FW10 version and it really is black I believe. The email I have from Context that shows it is from 8/5/10.
It is. And I don't think issues like this are out of line for boots in this price range. I have boots that are well over twice this price that are still not perfect to the discerning eye, that is the reality of boots that have some degree of handwork involved. At least at this price level, maybe when you drop a few grand for benchmade EG or something then things are different, probably. But for roughly $200, there isn't anything to be concerned with, in my opinion.
They are fine, that's pretty normal. You're freaking out over, relatively, inexpensive work boots. Chill out and just wear the boots.
Got curious and went digging through my Gmail account. Pretty positive the Bedford is from FW10. I bought it from Context and I found the original email they sent out when the FW10 EG collection hit the store and they talk about the whipcord bedford. Also found an email a couple weeks later where I told my brother about the jacket so pretty sure that must have been when I bought it.
Oh, and I'll send you tracking info tomorrow when I get it on the way.
Hey, that's mine . Thanks for buying it, I hate to let it go because I absolutely love it but it's just too small for me these days, haven't worn it in quite a while and it's been sitting in a garment bag. Happy to see its going to someone here.
Prices are a little high for Chippewa....check Zappos or something for a similar style from the main Chippewa line first, might save you some cash. Used to be able to get plain to Chippewa boots for about $150 but they've caught onto their popularity within the #menswear crowd and recently their prices have crept up to the low $200 range it appears. Still decent for the price but no longer the great value they once were. Getting into Red Wing territory and in some cases...
Nepenthes will, obviously, be your best bet. Odin carries some EG too, including some exclusive shirts this season which might make them worth a visit if any of their exclusives are of interest to you. I'm heading to NYC for the week of Thanksgiving and definitely plan on hitting up both spots.
Depends on fabric too. Chambray workshirt fits big, I went with a medium, but I tried one of the heathered Oxford ones and I would definitely need a large in that one.
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