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It looks like an Oxford and I've never had any shrinkage from Gitman oxfords or chambrays. Can't speak to other fabrics. I only wash cold and hang dry and would recommend the same.
Looks like a good fit to me. Large?
Looks like a very earthy color pallette, i like it.
Thanks for the details! 24oz melton wool Baker sounds awesome! That is some heavy wool.
Nice fit Gary, that looks fantastic! What are the shoes/boots? Can't tell but they look a bit like Russell's. They are a great match for those pants.
I bought the black duck canvas fatigues this year and it's my first time with black pants. Took some adjustment but I do like them and they work great with blue. I tend to wear them with an EG chambray or, my favorite, a dark navy overdyed Gitman Oxford. Like you I was unsure about navy and black, but it works great.I don't own black shoes either and just wear them with brown...I tend to like brown and black together so it works for me, damn the rules.
NS ones are nice but I wish they had all eyelets like the ones Frans Boone did, also think the brass eyelets are a nice touch. Similar take on the Indy from both, just think the FB ones are a little nicer but unfortunately they're also not in the US.
Good call because, based on those measurements, that would fit me just fine and I have 50lbs and 3" on you. Hmm....tempting actually....ha! Nah, can't spend the money, but I would love to have one of those, really a clean looking jacket.
Definitely seems like a large would be way too big for you and confirms what I'm seeing. I'm 6' 210lbs and wear a large in most EG stuff, including the field parka and cruiser jacket. I'm guessing that would fit me similar to my parka which is a trim fit right now (I was in better shape when I bought it, but never below 195lbs). Sorry...that sucks man, I wish I could say it fit but it just really doesn't look great.Lorcan7 - Love that fit! Everything looks really...
It's a jacket...but it's not a parka. It's not supposed to be a long fitting jacket either. And while many people do seem to wear outerwear with sleeves long like that I think it looks horribly sloppy and like a child wearing their older brothers handed down jacket that he has yet to grow into. Sleeve length would be a definitely deal breaker for me if it couldn't be fixed at the tailor. To each their own though. I'm curious...what size is the jacket and what is your...
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