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are there any other colorways for the cotton twill workshirt besides the blue/brown? Really like the fabric and weight...not sure the color is really me though. Did pick up the chambray at Context today. Told myself I was going to skip it this season as I have so many EG chambrays, but the fit in a medium was just too perfect (mediums are usually a little small, larges are sometimes too big or too long....so this season they fit a little big because the medium was...
Feel better Steven!
Leather that isn't dyed a color...starts out a natural light tan and then darkens with age and use, usually to a nice golden brown color.
The KMW belt is amazing for that price....I wanted one so bad when they were $300+ it could never justify that much for a belt...of course, noe I've bought three of thm at the sale price and spent almost just as much, but at least I have three kick ass belts. I've had lots of nice belts, the KMW is the best and the buckle is such a great design that sits nice and flat.
hmm...wondering if some of those pics are actually of the denim workshirt? That will have a lighter colored inside, being denim. Oxford should be the same on the inside as the outside.
When Canvas started out it showed some promise of competing with J Crew and the like. They had some nice items at much better prices ($40 for a decent chambray) and it looked like if they went in the right direction with it in seasons to come they could really have stood on their own. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. First they tried to price themselves like J Crew and that didn't work...so then they dropped both price and quality it seems like. In the process it...
Hmmm....a navy duck fatigue....interesting. Any other fabrics/colors for this pant this season?
wow...that's pricey for that shirt, considering the Gitman version was $215. Still, cool shirt though. Other than denim, my wardrobe is moving closer and closer to being almost exclusively EG, especially with the recent addition of some Workaday oxfords.
What the hell just happened? Gary provided a perfectly nice and informative response to your question. WTF is your problem???
It sounds like the new fatigues are slimmer than Workadays but not exactly slim. I'd venture a guess in between the Workaday and the slim ones from SS.
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