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What all is on sale...EG? Workaday?
Love that little peak of SS15....looks like it could be a fun collecton, look forward to seeing more. Love that pants and shirt combo.
Hmm, image 24...is that the new parka? I like what I can see of it so far. edit: hadn't gotten to the end...looks like it is. Cotton/linen coated canvas....linen seems an odd choice for a FW piece, but it looks nice.
I'm in agreement that the Needles lookbook is pretty great. EG spring/summer lately has been a pretty fun and playful take on things, which is cool, I admire a lot of the clothes and looks but they just aren't my thing. Their fall/winter lines are almost always more in fitting with my personal style and I tend to do most of my shopping then. Really, only thing I've loved from this season so far is the herringbone workshirt which has a really nice feel and weight to the...
Best Buys: Alden x Context Roy boots Red Wing 8146 boots (these were the biggest surprise, bought them for winter beaters and turns out I just love them) Needles denim workshirt (wear this pretty much all weekend every weekend since I picked it up from Nepenthes when I was in NYC over Thanksgiving, current favorite shirt) I didn't really have many bad buys, I didn't buy a whole lot this past year and most of what I did buy has worked out pretty well. I'm sure there...
You should post this in the Alden thread, it doesn't need it's own thread. But to answer your question, yes, they are worth it. I have a pair and they are great boots. The crepe sole makes them particularly comfortable to walk in.
^ I just did the same thing. I suffered through the last two winters without a truly warm winter coat and it can suck sometimes. It was about 6* this morning with wind chill well below 0*. Ordered a Chateau just a few minutes ago. As far as truly warm down jackets go, I think CG are some of the cleanest looking ones at least.
Does anybody else love the 8146? I recently picked up a pair at Context and am shocked at how much I like them. I bought them for inexpensive winter boots, needed something with a good lugged sole to get around in this Wisconsin weather. But...they've quickly become my go-to boots and they were the only boots I took with me for my week long trip to NYC (and I did a lot of walking). I have Alden Roy boots and White's semi-dress...both of which are amazing boots and...
It looks like an Oxford and I've never had any shrinkage from Gitman oxfords or chambrays. Can't speak to other fabrics. I only wash cold and hang dry and would recommend the same.
Looks like a good fit to me. Large?
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