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Good condition, gently worn and well taken care of. Includes box, bags, and non-Alden shoe trees.
I have a WWM chambray, size large in great condition but does have the inner care tag removed (it was big and noisy). Als have a WWM houndstooth flannel, size XL in great condition but missing button on internal pocket (was used to replace lost button on external pocket. $99 each chambray is SOLD
If you can grab a spare set of 12 insoles that I could put in that would be awesome! Really appreciate that!Mine are definitely glued down in at least one little spot, but it seems like I'll be able to pull them up easily enough so I don't think that will be a problem. I'll try some other insoles for now maybe, but if you can snag a set of 12s for me that would be fantastic as it's really a great insole...cushy but with that nice leather top sheet, love them.
Yeah, that is what I was thinking too. They are size 12 and it seems like the insoles are 11.5 or so. They don't slide right out, they seem glued in pretty good but I may have to consider trying to replace them.@Epaulet Have you heard of insoles being short in other size 12s of these tennis trainers before?
Yeah, it isn't that. I've had that with Quoddys before too. These aren't sliding back, they're gluded in place and the heel is well positioned.Thanks for the feedback @Swangerman. Other than the insole issue mine are really comfy too and I could see myself wearing them a lot.
Question for the tennis trainer owners - anybody else have insoles that stop about 1/4" before the end of the shoe inside? Mine both have gaps at the front like the insole is a little short and on the left one it's a bit narrow so my big toe hangs off the edge in one spot. Love them, but was on my feet for 5 hours in them today and was definitely noticing some discomfort from that.
Just got my navy couro cromo tennis trainers in and super impressed with them in person. They look really nice in pics but they are even nicer in person, leather is crazy good. Never thought I'd consider spending $245 on sneakers to be a bargain, but for this level of quality in leather and construction I feel like I got a great deal. Quick shipping too!
I haven't bought a quality clothing item in almost 10 months...just a few cheap basics to get me by since then...but these new couro cromo trainers made me break my streak. Navy pair on the way:slayer: It was a good run but I've always liked the look and quality of CPs but thought they were just way overpriced. Honestly, these look even nicer and are priced much more reasonably. Anybody have pics of the navy in the wild yet? Looks like saddle and mocha are the popular...
MOK - never would have believed the matching pants, vest, and jacket would work well in that olive ripstop....but I love it!
Recently discovered bolt-action pens and they are fantastic to play with while doing monotonous office tasks. I've been using a fountain pen for years (Pelikan M215) but have just started using these TiBolt and Maxmadco bolt-action pens just recently. There are some decent writing Parker style refills out there and the bolt-action is just a great thing to fiddle with during the day.
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