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I thought I would post a picture of the modified last chukka that I got from Japan. I am selling them on styleforum in case anyone is interested.  I paid over $800 for them. Asking $450.  Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size.  They are 9D.   
Rare Alden modified last six eyelet chukka boot style from Japan.  If you are looking at these you already know that the modified last is.  These have been worn once or twice. I paid over $800 to have them shipped overr from Japan. They are in like new condition. With box and Alden shoe bags.    Price drop to 330.00
From what I have been able to learn from this thread, there are not a lot of vintage options for someone with a 34 inch chest.  I purchased a 34r from VT and it was huge - a19in p2p and a huge in the shoulders and arms. Maybe a 32r would work but I have not been able to locate an authentic one in good condition.  Moreover, Peacoat mentioned that the old coats were not made for someone with my build. Is a vintage pea coat not a good option for a 5'9' 34 inch chest man?...
Yes - these shoes are still available.   These shoes are on Alden's Barrie last, which fits about 1/2 size larger your regular size.  So if you generally take a size 10D, these size 9.5D will fit you.  Also, the Barrie last is wider, roomier last than other lasts.     These shoes would generally fit someone who would take a Allen Edmonds Park Avenue size 10D. 
You can get either a shell boot or captoe derby from Browns Fashion in the UK.  They are expensive but it looks like they have many sizes available.
Crockett & Jones Coniston Boots in a scotch country grain brown a size  UK 9E / 9.5 US Size.  Comes with original box and C&J shoe bags.  Worn around 25 hours total and well cared for. $400.00 includes COTUS shipping.
Great looking Alden Longwing in a rustic medium brown.  Has Alden branded vibram soles.  $170.00 includes COTUS shipping. Does not include shoe trees.
Alden Cordovan #8 longwing size 9.5D.  Some wear on the heel.  Bought on ebay and it too big for me. $300.00 includes COTUS shipping.  Does not include shoetrees.
Please add me to the list.  
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