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Hello,   recently I have investigate about the NB M990NV3 the navy one.   I have thought that this style was only Made in Usa, as reported in the recently issued book of New Balance printed in Japan and sold out. But I have seen some pieces in the market marked "Made in England" so called "Heritage Collection".   Both the shoes are exactly the same, the only difference seems to be a print on the back: in the USA made you can find "Handmade in USA" while in...
  Good choice, congrats!
I'm just coming back from Tokyo, and I made a couple of visit to EG store.   I have to say that the collection really give a great impression in person: for sure detail, fabric and quality is improved a lot, all seems more "rugged", raw and authentic, the impression from the catalog that I have seen last January at Pitti Uomo was totally different. I think the real items are  completely better that what you see form the catalog... the last season catalog best...
I think you wear EG and friends in a very perfect way. Congrats
  Yes, shorter, I agree!   But I have seen the Truman at Pitti Uomo on Daiki in person and in fact he wear more comfy that the guy at Start does. The way how Daiki wear the Truman is more similar to the Japanese guy, except the sleeve that on Daiki does not need to be turned up. I think fit is very very important. In my opinion this does not involve only personal taste: but how the designer imagine the item in his mind. I have talk a couple of time with Daiki about this...
It's crazy how the European shops tend to wear the jacket so short...!!! I love Truman and Baker jackets but when I see so short and skinny: I get mad. Thumbs up for the style and look of the Japanese guy: this is how I intend EG!    
  Truman jacket it seems to be probably one of the best styles this season. Each fabrics you show appear to be perfect for the Truman style. I hope it will appear soon in some EU shop to see the various prices that will be available. I don't know if the "rounded cut" on the inside back is coming from some old tailoring style or a vintage item that Daiki have found... I just know that I never see it and I think is amazing.
A series of impressive styles. I agree the Baker, Olive Drab is stunning.   Timpoblete, do you know if the Bedford will be presented in Corduroy also this season?
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