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How we choose to dress affects the energy we put off.   I find the most attractive people are the ones that use their clothing choices to accentuate the aspects of their personality that they are trying to convey (anger, openness, excitement, sorry, ext..).     The women you have highlighted do a great job of this.  You can really feel the type of energy these women are putting off, especially in the candid shots.    Keep um coming. 
My favorite women's fall coat.  
Just got a pair of Kenilworths for 218.  Thanks for the tip rxcats!
I think this is a great pair of shoes and I have had my eye on them since they came out.  Just picked up a pair on Amazon for 218 UDS (including shipping). 
Crumb is my favorite documentary.  Rodger Ebert called it one of the most remarkable and haunting documentaries ever made.    If you have not seen it, make it your next film.   
A recent 'Must See' is Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  It's a story about a man that has perfected his craft for over 75 yeas, and become the best sushi chef alive.     Official Movie site for release dates and trailer:http://www.magpictures.com/jirodreamsofsushi/      
Can  you provide some better pics. Especially the pockets, lining and cuffs.    Thx
Saw these the other day at my local Barney's. 
I'd like to show her my MR F.  But I'm afraid I'd only get to M and be done :(
I adored Charlize Theron on Arrested Development. I think her fun, quarky outfits added a great deal to her stunning looks.  Although I'm not sure that they would work on a lesser women (i.e. every women).     How do people fell about the designs below?      
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