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Found this suit today. Does anyone know this particular tailor? It's made from Reda wool. Thanks!
What are the measurements on this one?  Thanks.
  I'm with you on that one.  Being  native of Detroit, it was awesome.  Being a lover of music documentaries, it was even better.    ya'll got to see this one!!
Keep you eye out for upcoming documentary Shadow Dancer.  It's directed by James Marsh, who brought us Man on Wire and Project NIM.     IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1770734/
I'd be shocked if this was not mentioned: Bill Cunningham New York.  It was tragically neglected for an Oscar nod, but according to numerous documentary reviewers, it was one of the best of 2011.    For anyone interested in fashion, this is an amazing story.  SEE IT. SEE IT. SEE IT.   Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTnQ9bji88c
    Great!  Thanks for sharing.
  I like it.     The other two are very matronly. 
  I'm glad you found it and enjoyed it.    I think it was the combination of music and cinematography that put it over the top.  I'm in McLean as well, I saw it at Landmark E-street..great cinema!   Keep the recommendations coming. 
    It's up the the wearer to give it life.  I prefer that to the your overpowering, dramatic looks.
How we choose to dress affects the energy we put off.   I find the most attractive people are the ones that use their clothing choices to accentuate the aspects of their personality that they are trying to convey (anger, openness, excitement, sorry, ext..).     The women you have highlighted do a great job of this.  You can really feel the type of energy these women are putting off, especially in the candid shots.    Keep um coming. 
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