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Is it better to have a cheap MTM shirt or an expensive RTW shirt (both with about the  equal prices)?  
What kind of shirt and pants color combination should one wear to look taller?
  Offcourse they are! But what makes MOP so unique?
How do I recognize Mother of Pearl buttons and what makes it so special?
Where can I learn more about color and style matching?
What is a more price friendly alternative to Incotex?
Not so sure about that. I'll contact him again tomorrow. Most of my dress shirts have a poor fit at the shoulder width. Since tailors can't (easily) fix this, what would you recommand me to do?
  Well, I went to a tailor and he said that he could shorten the shoulders but the part where the arm sleeves connected to the shirt wouldn't be visible anymore.
Is it possible for a tailor to shorten the width of the shoulders on a dress shirt while still keeping the model?    
Well I see most people here on this forum wear 'Streetwear and Denim' and on the otherside there are people who wear dress shirts and suits. My question is why shouldn't one wear dress shirts in casual enviornments?
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