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jingerBread - I lost your initial question regarding readers, and am not really answering it, but I assume you mean a reader as purchased in a pharmacy that is not responding to a doctor's prescription. That was an easy one.... Someone stated he or she didn't understand what you are seeking.
Actually, I thought Asians, in general, prefer wider bridges....
Can anyone tell me, please, the difference between "Lafont" and "Jean Lafont" eyewear? I've got a lot of information about Lafont Eyewear - its history, the company, etc. but I don't see where "Jean Lafont" fits in. Yet many frames are marked or advertised as "Jean Lafont." Thanks!
How do you guys feel about wearing a long-sleeved polo shirt under a sweater - either pullover or cardigan? If one wears the shirt with a pullover, and some of the shirt collar is showing, should all the buttons, of the typically three, be buttoned? How about a regular cloth shirt under the pullover without a button-down collar? I think button-down collar looks best under a pullover, and a really wide spread collar, whereas the points are buried well within the collar of...
Okay - Saw it.
MikeDT: I don't see it.
nohit - Dog is probably a Scottish breed. The story is the great uncle who purchased the painting had a Scottish wife and the dog in the painting reminded her of her background. The breed it looks most like to me is the West Highland Terrier. The painting dates from 1881.
The vase is one of my prize possessions, which I always admired as a child when my grandparents had it on a buffet. That's the one thing I could have done before taking the photo - polish the silver (however, the patina on unpolished silver can also be attractive). Loetz (sometimes spelled with an "e" at the end or with an umlaut) was an Austrian company that competed with Tiffany at the turn of the century in items such as this. There's always a large number of Loetz on...
I sure look up plenty of people....
Everything was carefully studied; I can say that.
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