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I recently purchased at a resale shop this gorgeous, glen plaid Luciano Barbera sportcoat for well under $100. I've posted three photos; I hope they appear properly. The condition is excellent; the coat looks and feels to me brand new. The fabric has a wonderful, soft feel. From limited research it seems this coat, truly brand new, would be listed at over $1,500; does anyone have a handle on the full retail price of a Luciano Barbera if this type? As the photo shows, the...
Wups; I wrote above I visited three of the four Lunor boutiques in Paris in 2009, and I was wearing a Lunor frame. I wore Lunor afterwards; I visited the LAFONT boutiques in Paris, and I was wearing a Lafont frame at the time (which I'm wearing again!).
A bit of humor.... There was a Ted Baker bow tie with restrained flower pattern I admired in Nordstrom's Beachwood Place(Greater Cleveland) last year. Very English and very spiffy, but I couldn't rationalize buying it unless it went on sale. I also looked for the tie in other stores (e.g. Dillard's Beachwood, which had a Ted Baker display) and on the Web, where even the Ted Baker flower ties were not quite as appealing. Before I could buy it I went one day and it was...
That's one item I thought I might purchase in Paris in 2009. I didn't go in any good hatters, but I do recall finally seeing some men's berets in one of the famous department stores, but they were plain and uninteresting (and not on sale), so I didn't pursue them. Actually, the only berets I really saw in abundance were souvenir hats. When we were at the airport to fly back to the U.S. I realized I really didn't have a gift for my son so I purchased one of these berets...
Thanks, though this jacket fits me better than a 41, I'd say. I might more typically wear a 38 or 40, I think. At least in an outdoors coat.
I acquired, recently, a pre-owned Arnys beret - in excellent condition. It is a tan composed of very subtle stripes in the wool fabric, and orange and dark brown stripes forming a plaid. The inside lining is probably wool also, and it is stitched into a thin grossgrain band of what could be silk. Of course the label reads the required "Arnys Paris," with the mandatory male silhouette. Have any of you seen an Arnys beret? They seem to be rare. Am I the only one or...
Are you saying it's a European size? If so, what is the American equivalent?
All leather in excellent condition. Just strips of nice, smooth, dark brown leather. You didn't expect me and anyone else to know what "OTR 52" is, did you? Please explain.
Correction: a second store in Greater Cleveland sells some Pendleton's, but not much - Geiger's.
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