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Seems like one of those politic sanctions have reached BB customers from Russia:) Have just tried to make an order since -25% event started, and it redirects me to so-called Russian version with 2-3 times higher prices and where no sales or events exist. 120 bucks for polo shirt doesn't look fun
1. Guess no half sizes? 2. Is there sizes like 35-36 for women? 3. How much is approx shipping charge to Russia with tracking?   Thanks.
a few hours before:  
It's getting so warm down here. Time to wear peacoat and flannels:  
Haven't read the forum for some time, 6000 posts to go :p  
Lavenham, model "Halesworth"
What is the defect on theese? Can't see anything
Seems like the first pair of trousers different from 800 previous:) How do you feel about new leg opening?
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