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Who had experience with gumlite sole? Is that true, that it wears out quickly on asphalt? Choosing between 20065 and 1901 and this can be a deal-breaker.
taduuu, thanks for the reply.   I also have Kempton (in UK 7.5F), they are too pointed, narrow in toebox and hurt little finger, but sort of roomy everywhere else. I would say, 8UK should be fine, probably a tad too long.BTW, in my experience US size = UK+1, so it's ok that your IRs 9D more narrow than Kemptons 9.5D. Things ain't get clearer :) Maybe I should go with Chippewa heritage line instead.
Guys, I know, it's probably asked like million times, but I need some help with sizing (since there are no RW stores in 3000km radius).   In classics I mostly wear UK made shoes: Crocket & Jones, loake, Sanders in 7.5G or 8F (7.5G is preferable, but no chance to get them always). From US I have Allen Edmonds Walton (9D) and Patriot (9D). Patriots with thin socks fit like a glove - somewhat wide, round toebox and relatively narrow heel. Got also Sperry and Sebago boat...
SomeJerk, They will definitely get darker over time. You can also use wax of a darker color to speed up this process. And I can't see anything bad about having different colored boots in wardrobe. Variety is good.
Morning, gents. Is there a difference in size between original Chippewa and J.Crew plain-toe version? Collaborations are often somewhat smaller in my previous experience. Wouldn't like to order wrong size and pay extra $60 for delivery :)
Hi. How do they fit like? I've heard somewhere that Jcrew versions are somewhat smaller (to be more TTS) than original Chippewa.
Seems like one of those politic sanctions have reached BB customers from Russia:) Have just tried to make an order since -25% event started, and it redirects me to so-called Russian version with 2-3 times higher prices and where no sales or events exist. 120 bucks for polo shirt doesn't look fun
1. Guess no half sizes? 2. Is there sizes like 35-36 for women? 3. How much is approx shipping charge to Russia with tracking?   Thanks.
a few hours before:  
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